Angular JS Or Ember.js- Which One Should You Go For?

By / September 30, 2016 /

Deciding the framework is one of the major tasks when it comes to planning a web application release. Factors like the presence of innumerable other frameworks along with strong libraries need to be considered. Frameworks like Angular and Ember prove to be a great choice when it comes to garnering long term benefits but when […]

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Backlog grooming to take you from prophecy to realizing worth!

By / September 26, 2016 /

From prophecy to realizing worth As a product owner, it is important to understand the worth of backlog refinement in building a high performing team. Grooming the backlogs is a sound investment as it helps in delivering value sooner, enhance productivity and build better collaboration; all of which help build a strong foundation for top-geared […]

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DevOps: The future trends

By / September 22, 2016 /

DevOps has catalyzed into a movement and is rapidly changing the face of IT. But what is DevOps? DevOps is a term used as a combination of Development and Operations and it emphasizes the importance of communication between the developers and the other IT professionals to bring about more automation. Here are the three devOps […]

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5 gamification components necessary for any App

By / September 20, 2016 /

Gamification is the inn thing these days, with more and more organizations resorting to it over the past few years. Integrating gaming concepts into the services of the organizations is now considered as a proven way to enhance customer participation and interest. The most important part is that gamification has become an effective way to […]

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Why Go is the best option for you?

By / September 19, 2016 /

Many companies are undergoing this long standing internal battle to decide whether or not to go for Golang web development. This post is specifically written to make the decision easier for such companies and help them choose whether or not to adopt Go as their primary development language.

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Follow the 3 Tips and Create a Winning Mobile App .

By / September 16, 2016 /

The mobile market revolves around apps these days. Therefore, app development and app design have become as crucial as creating a great Mobile Application Development. There are presently a million apps available across multiple app stores but not all of these apps are successful. To ensure that your app is a success, an efficient marketing […]

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From Agile To Dev/Ops- Difference between the Two Development Teams

By / September 15, 2016 /

Agile software development introduced principles like continuous testing, continuous integration, testing during the sprint, automated whitebox developer testing and striving for testable code as a primary concern. The inspiration behind all this was to support more recurrent deployments and more rapid change. This resulted in baking the concerns of testability into code and boosting the […]

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Developing with Angular JS made easy with the top 20 tools

By / September 14, 2016 /

Angular JS is one of the best frameworks and is preferred by most Angular JS developer who aspire to design a dynamic app. If you are interested in starting a project on Angular JS, here is a list of top 20 Angularjs developer tools:

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5 DevOps Practices That Can Help Boost IT Efficiency

By / September 13, 2016 /

DevOps incorporates operations and development by sustaining close collaboration and communication across operations and development. The processes of development, operation and testing are all directed to a common goal and operate according to the input from one another. The end to end process of delivery within an organization is automated by DevOps Consulting service.

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What is so revolutionary about Node.js?

By / September 9, 2016 /

The face of development has changed dramatically over the past several years. One of the reasons for this is the rising popularity of JavaScript. The things that can be done nowadays with JavaScript were even hard to imagine in the past years. Node.js, which is a cross platform JavaScript based runtime environment for development of […]

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