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No doubt Data Science Solutions enhances the capabilities of the business, but if the program is customized to the business needs, the results would be even better. The market has number of pre designed solutions, but do these solutions serve all your business requirements? We serve our clients with the customized solutions that fit best to their business requirements and can be easily integrated to the system.

Our team consists of statisticians, machine learning experts and programmers who apply best combination of data science tools, techniques, and programming languages.

Programming languages, APIs and frameworks used

R Programming

Scala development


Spark MLlib

Tools used by experts

Azure ML Studio

If you want to build, test and deploy predictive analytic models on your data, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio is what you need. Our team comprises of experts with Microsoft’s Azure Red Carpet Partner certification, to work on your projects and give the best outcomes.

Amazon ML

Amazon ML eliminates the complex machine learning algorithms through its visualization tools and wizards. We have a team of experts with AWS partner certification that fully optimizes the tool to suit best to your business needs.

IBM Watson

The tool is best for you if you want to gain insights from bulk of unstructured data. Using machine learning and natural language processing, this tool can answer most pressing questions and extract the needed information by analyzing key information from all the documents.


TensorFlow helps improve the performance and flexibility through various perceptual and language understanding tasks. It is another open source software library that uses data flow graphs to carry out numerical computation.


Scikit-learn has the simplest and most efficient tool for data analysis and data mining. The tool best serves the needs of classification, regression, preprocessing, model selection, dimensional reduction, and clustering. To carry out the process Scikit uses diverse range of algorithms like SVM, SVR, nearest neighbors, k-Means, spectral clustering, ridge regression, and mean-shift.


SciPy is the best tool to use for technical and scientific computing. It is an open source Python library that consists of algorithms and mathematical tools. It comprises of modules for linear algebra, optimization, image processing, interpolation, integration, FFT, special functions, and other tasks in engineering and science.


SparkR facilitate numerous operations like selection, filtering, and aggregation through distributed data frame implementation. It also supports distributed machine learning with the use of MLlib. This tool offers a light-weight front-end to use Apache Spark from R.


MATLAB is best for multi-paradigm numerical computing environment. It enables the user to perform matrix manipulation, data and function plotting, algorithm implementation, building user interfaces, and interacting with programs that use languages C, C#, C++, Fortran, Python, and Java.


Distinguish, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions, including multi-dimensional arrays with proficiency using Theano, a Python library.

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