We integrate innovate agile methodology and UI practices into persistence,
business logic and presentation layers of Java development.

Java Application Development

Miracle Group offers Java expertise in Web applications, Rich Internet Applications, Mobile Development and Online Games on every developmental layer. From software applications to RIA development, we produce scalable agile solutions to a diverse variety of companies as well as our long term partners. Our Java developers are trained in UI components, always considering the user and offering rich front-end interactivity. Other internet focused development they offer includes digital assets management, media distribution and web content management.

Web Applications

  • Business Intelligence

  • Corporate Intranet

  • CRM

  • ECM

  • Inventory management

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Records Management

  • Task Management

Rich Internet Applications

  • E-Commerce

  • Social Networking solutions

  • Ads rotating networks

  • Online Media Streaming Solutions

  • Online Storage

  • Corporate Internet Portals

Online Games

  • MMOG

  • Casual games

  • Gambling

Mobile Development

  • Widgets

  • Mobile clients

  • Mobile games

Persistence Layer


Our agile developers are experienced in meeting client requirements and providing the best solutions. They’re well versed in designing web applications that have a firm and structured foundation, in particular for those apps that require intensive data and content processing.

Miracle Group develop organized, transparent and long-lasting modules which use both Java capabilities (JPA, JPQL, JDBC, JCA, custom ORM) and open source persistence frameworks (Hibernate, iBATIS, EclipseLink).

Our persistence layers:

Use smart database architecture, SQL transactions, optimization and logical workflows to achieve a productive and consistent level of performance.

Reduce application maintenance, enable fast modification and lower developmental efforts by using transparent object relational mapping.

Use service-oriented architecture, custom APIs and data connectors to increase interoperability.

Business Logic Layer


Our Java developers apply a business mentality to their development practices in order to enhance traditional architecture and coding. Our team helps manage requirements and project related documentation by using BOM, UML and BPMN. They combine business logic layers with layered application stacks to ensure effective architecture, and produce clean well-documented code with proven Java design patterns.

Our business layers:

Have horizontal and vertical scalability

Save costs through configuration

Are highly maintainable

Presentation Layer


Miracle Group Java Development is based on a foundation of UI expertise and agile practices. Our developers are taught how to constantly consider the user, ensuring that complex workflows become usable and intuitive for our clients. We design clear, cross browser layouts through use of interactive dashboards, charts, and other dynamic data visualization, as well as context-driven controls. The combination of Java development with aJax expertise allow our team to create very fast interactions.

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