Nowadays, all the businesses rely on having the right connections and knowing how to maintain a fruitful relationship with your customers. For that, you need to respect local and state regulations, real estate sales, leasing and financing. Realtors need to implement a real estate software solution to provide real-time inventory data due to the many advancements of the industry. They also need to keep a saddle on their sales processes to gain more real estate leads that will improve the sale. For this, we offer our Real Estate software development services, and you can take your mind of your problems.

How Miracle Delivers Value To Your Business Model

Miracle helps you to get better results using the web by showcasing your properties, synchronizing offline data, building CRM systems, iPad and mobile apps for your real estate website development. Build a cross-platform to better serve your consumers and obey government regulations. In this way, you will have a personalized CMS website, a customized CRM solution, or a mobile solution with SMS and emails real-time alerts. We will help you build a solution to schedule inspections, integrate your offline business, increase your overall efficiency, whilst decreasing the costs.

Services For Real Estate & Property Industry

  • Personalized Website

  • Crm Solutions

  • Auction Portals

  • Virtual Property Tours

  • Online Property Booking Engine

  • Statistical And Trend Analysis Reports

  • Listings With Sms/email Alert

  • Extensive Back-end Admin System To Enable Autonomy

  • Online Tools (i.e. Currency Converters, Calendars Etc.)

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