Spot Your Target Audience With Beacons And Geofences

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How It Works

Building A Strong Relationship Between The Retailer And Customer with IoT for Retail services. Our Smart Retail solutions will enable you to attract and maintain your target audience so that you can improve your retail business at once.

From Attending To Purchasing

Let’s imagine a girl named Alice who is a fashion blogger and a frequent visitor of fashion clothes stores. However, she hasn’t had time to go shopping for herself in quite a while. With the help of our platform, Alice can remain up-to-date with the newest trends available in her favorite stores. By approaching the store, Alice gets a notification on her mobile device about the new products available, as well as she receives a greeting once she enters the outlet. By picking up a pair of her favorite trousers, Alice receives information and details on the product itself, and she can purchase it directly from her device.

Keep your customers engaged by saving them time and money with your customized offers

Target hunt : David is a retailer who owns a recently opened clothes store. Due to the fact that the summer season is almost over and fall season is approaching, David has updated his store with new products. The summer collection needs to be sold off as soon as possible so David sets up a VZone with a 100m radius around the store for his targeted customers. In this way, when a customer gets closer to the store, he receives a notification on his device with the newest offers.

Target Found : Placing beacons near the items on sale, the customer instantly receives a notification within 3 minutes spent near a specific product. The customer seems to have doubts about buying such an expensive product? Smart retail sends him a notification in which he gets a discount offer and encourages him to purchase it before its deadline.

Target Achieved : In the meantime, the other customers present in the store are drawn up by this and eager to try their luck. Thus, they download the application and get a welcome discount on any item purchased within next hour.

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  • Groups – to get to know better your customers and keep them together

  • Campaigns – to engage, keep onboard, and retain your customers

  • Insight – to keep your management decisions on the right path towards success, and keep track and monitor your campaign.

  • Beacon – to detect your customers’ location and send them notification about your outstanding offer

  • V-Zone – to keep track on your targeted customers and take immediate action

  • Conversation – to connect and communicate with your customers


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