VR Development Services

Design VR apps to give users an immersive experience like never before


Gives users actual existing experience of the virtual products

  • We design virtual copy of the physical stores
  • We create virtual stores for e-commerce companies
  • We design a virtual showcase for home improvement store
  • We assist client’s customers buy products from virtual stores
  • We create 360° VR videos for fashion industry runways

Showcase a virtual vision to the customer of his future dream world

  • Give customers a 360° view of the property through VR
  • Instead of using BIM, users can use VR to easily explore the options available
  • Realtors can give a view to customers of the properties under development
  • Buyers can experience an immersive and interactive virtual reality walkthroughs in 3D.
  • User can easily remodel the showcase and try different options as per the choice of the buyer

Give users an experience of adventurous journey from their place

  • Design the games that makes users travel into a virtual world
  • VR enhances the users experience, therefore is an ideal technology for gaming industry
  • Create amazing games that are compatible with the VR headsets
  • Enable the experience of VR on the users Smartphone

Create virtual prototypes for your products

  • Swoop down the cost of extensive product testing
  • Create virtual prototypes for the product and reduce down the cost to half
  • Evaluate your prototypes easy and fast
  • Get your workflow process streamlined
  • Design virtual 3D models using the CAD data

Deliver trainings in a virtual world

  • VR can be used best to train K-12 students
  • Introduce the employees to challenging scenarios without creating any risk in actual
  • It help create scenario that requires simulation of heavy machine
  • Use VR to provide a diverse range of corporate training to the employees
  • Use VR to train sales employees for new products

Deliver medical care through virtual simulation

  • VR can be put into best use in the department of treating PTSD, phobias and anxiety patients
  • It can also be used to provide training in paramedics and emergency services
  • It can be used by trainee doctors for medical training and surgery simulation
  • It can be used to distract the patient from treatment procedure by the doctors

We bring the latest industry insights, the propensity to execute on a global basis and an eager eye for our customers's bottom line.


Try the services of our Dedicated Developer
for a week at no cost.

Miracle Group Offers a One Week Trial, free of cost that allows you to hire a dedicated software developer or web developer without involving a contract or any fees. During this one week your chosen developer will deliver a small desired outcome. If the developer adheres to your requirements and works to your specifications, then the next step would be to sign a contract making him/her a part of your team. If not, you are free to choose another developer, to start the process

Trial Project – we offer any portion of the outsourced software, such as function point or module which requires developing for evaluating the capabilities of the developer you have chosen as well as our working methodologies, development expertise and other relevant aspects.

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