Online media and publishing industry is a two-sided marketplace nowadays. On one hand there is the need to serve viewers with proper information and entertainment; on the other hand to deliver these to advertisers. In order to make it easier for you to do a proper job, we offer you our digital asset management for media industry.

Challenges & Opportunities

Cross-platform ad integration follows the current market demands and allows users to access content from various devices. One of the most important things in the Media and Publishing industry is to control the form of the content, in which case a use of limitations and copyright restrictions is necessary. For an additional revenue stream, monetizing the online media market and providing demographic data on content is a paramount.

How Miracle Delivers Value To Your Business Model

Miracle provides effective, customizable technology solutions, web hosting, database maintenance, and digital solutions. Manage easily online published content. Integrate social media applications, develop micro-sites, and capture user data to provide customized content to your users. Also, integrate new interactive components, and create platforms that will enrich users’ participations and your app.

Digital Asset Management Services For The Media & Publishing Industry

  • Web Hosting And Database Maintenance

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Utilized geo-fencing

  • Driving sales and customer retention

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