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Ethereum is a programmable blockchain. It is a decentralized platform that runs applications exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, editing, fraud or third party interference.


  • Immutability – A third party cannot make any changes to data.

  • Corruption & tamper proof – Apps are based on a network formed around the principle of consensus, making censorship impossible.


OpenChain provides an open source distributed ledger technology in the field of the Blockchain. This is mainly suited for organizations which manage digital assets in a secure, robust and adaptable way.


  • Instant confirmation of transactions.

  • Extremely high scalability.

  • Immutability.

  • Transparency and auditability of transactions.


This is the most supreme development platform to build an application using Blockchain technology. A Blockchain developer uses Eris to build a secure, cost effective and easily accessible app using this technology.


  • Chains: Develop permission chains

  • Contracts: mart contract tool provider

  • Actions: Step-by-step actions

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