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Give your Hololens a vision through Mixed Reality apps

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Gain a unique experience through hololens apps

Our team assist in designing hololense apps that gives a 3D view to the content. The organisations can use this for various activities like collaborating in real-time, building prototypes and even providing training in organizations and colleges.

Advantages of using hololens apps

Voice controllable apps

Integration of MS Cognitive Services

Untethered device

Life-sized holograms

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Insights to Industries transformed

Hololens has been tremendously transforming industries like construction, engineering & real estate. Microsoft HoloLens is one example that gives the user a unique experience presenting 3D holographic images in such a way as if they are a part of their environment.

Integrating the Hololens with Cognitive APIs takes the device to even next level. Object detection being one unique feature, it also helps in analyzing how the device is being used by the users.

Hololens application in the oil field industry

Hololens has already been successfully launched in the oil field industry. GE oil & Gas has used it to showcase their product prototype to customers. To their experience it had been a much cheaper and quick process.

  • App adds texture and lighting on the 3D model
  • It visualizes the object revolving around the user with a 360 degree view
  • TapToPlace feature helps place the model anywhere be it on floor or top of the table
  • The user can zoom in, zoom out, scale (0 to 6 feet), and exit the model with the navigation option

HoloLens app used by lighting manufacturer & installer

  • It detects conflict through 3D BIM model
  • It locates the affected areas through a photorealistic 3D mesh
  • Post-built construction check with Autodesk Revit data & HoloLens app
  • Remote collaboration with subject matter experts

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