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Facilitating Offshore Development with a Dedicated Team

Making an impeccable addition to your in-house application and offshore software development capabilities.

Our skilled team is capable of understanding your business needs, generating development strategies and implementing reliable solutions. Prominent features include:

  • A Project Lead Developer for efficient management of the development process and for ensuring high quality team deliverables.

  • Multilevel structure for bringing the flexibility in team size.

  • Professionally generated training methods to aid even our largest teams to collaborate with clients efficiently, and to ensure constant iterations and high quality outputs.

  • Agile development XP, UP and Scrum are easily blended and customized to achieve the most efficient team structure, while ensuring a high level of communication and software development quality.

project management

Team roles

Project Leader -Well experienced in the type of issues our clients face, project leaders are able to solve challenges whilst managing a team of up to 20 developers. They are responsible for ensuring that software development strategies are perfectly aligned with the client's expectations, and apply their knowledge of global testing approaches while assuring quality.

Lead/Senior developer - Focused on understanding, analyzing and solving business challenges, while managing a team of up to five developers. Lead or senior developers are accountable for designing application architecture, building the complex modules. They hold a minimum of five years experience in a domain of related technology.

Intermediate Developer - Capable of delivering high quality assurance aligned with client requirements, intermediate developers have experience of three to five years in a technology-related field. They are also able to communicate in English via IM and email.

Agile practices

Every iteration is tested using transparent software development which represents the project progress and enhances quality.

Our team employs developers capable of self management with offshore partners.

Agile practices, such as unit testing, pair programming and stand-up meetings are used according to the diverse requirements of every offshore project.

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