Jobs and Careers at Miracle Group.

Not just an average company. Not just an average career.

Being in a place where your capability and knowledge is not being challenged, and your motivation is about to decrease, is like running out in circles and not getting anywhere.

This is definitely not how you envision your career to be.

Miracle is focused on developing premium quality software, while offering developers a conducive environment and a promising career in offshore IT outsourcing. It is our belief that creating the best software requires innovative approach and outstanding technical capabilities. At Miracle we provide our people a harmonious and amiable environment to make them enjoy what they do, and achieve life-work balance. If you have experience in developing software and would like to achieve as well as deliver better value, then it would be our pleasure to get in touch with you.

At Miracle we understand the value of independence and respect your individuality and creativity. We offer you a comfortable and cordial environment where you can make the best use of your talents.

We also provide flexible work hours, along with the convenience to work from home, in case of certain emergencies. Our focus is on building a delightful working ambiance, while ensuring a balance with effectual self-management, to let our employees enjoy their job. We also promote teamwork and allow sharing of ideas.

This is a question that needs to be asked, and yet, it will never arise while working at Miracle. We maintain a responsible environment and assign roles to developers and leaders, limiting it to designating responsibilities. Leaders are expected to spot issues and provide their valuable support whenever required, but never to give orders. We believe in achieving success with the mutual and collaborative efforts of our team.

What makes working here so enjoyable?

Take advice, but enjoy the freedom to act voluntarily, instead of obeying orders.

Share information and not conceal it.

Take accountability of your own work rather than staying under supervision

Do you visualize yourself working in an exciting environment, providing constant opportunities for learning, career growth and innovation?

Miracle is a globally recognized outsourcing company based in Chandigarh. We treat our employees as an invaluable asset, acting as a crucial link among solutions and technology. We have developed a culture promoting self-development, leadership and collaboration, while ensuring constant improvement. We consider it our responsibility to cultivate developers par excellence.

Being one of the earliest practitioners of Agile Development in India, Miracle is proud to have integrated innovative Agile methodologies at every level of the company, not only as a common working method, but as a mindset. We are firm believers of education and learning, thus offer regular training sessions to better familiarize our people with leading technologies and Agile development. Our prime objective remains to provide exceptional services and credible solutions to our global clients.

Do not mistake this for an average local company or a common position of software developer. Our company, since its inception, has experienced a tremendous growth rate of 30% every year, which implies not only immense momentum, but offers more rewards and opportunities to our people. If having an exciting developing career is what you are looking for, but it is not easy to find in a regular programming job and you require a company which stands for something, while enabling you to find satisfaction and experience success in whatever you do, then choose Miracle.

If you consider yourself a self-starter, keen to tackle new challenges in a professional setting that promotes achievement, growth and recognizes service excellence, then we are looking for you.