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Use of augmented reality in AECO

Increase the efficiency of your architects and construction engineers

  • The app gives existence to the 3D data displayed in holograms
  • Presenting the data in an immersive way at real time, it enhances the experience of structural engineers
  • It enables remote real-time collaboration and integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the system
  • It enables to get a view of the designed structure by portraying the model over the actual constructed structure
  • It ensures the safety of the workers by sending the regular safety check notifications on their AR headsets
Use of augmented reality in field services

Increase the efficiency of your field technicians and SMEs

  • It ensures increased collaboration which helps deliver quality field services
  • It helps field engineer stay updated with the status of the equipment by providing access to the overlaid records
  • It empowers the SME situated in a remote area to provide the advice to the field workers at real time
  • The field technicians can avail the access to annotations and 3D graphics straight on their headsets
  • It enables the 3D object identification scanning the barcodes
Use of augmented reality in retail

Enhance your competence over others

  • It enables an immersive experience for users by showcasing interactive designs
  • It enables designing billboards based on AR for malls and other public places
  • The shoppers can be updated with the product information installing AR apps at stores
  • To try the clothes and dresses the shoppers can use AR-based smart mirrors and take a virtual experience
  • Using VR apps virtual stores can be created for the products instead of constructing an actual store
  • Home improvement stores can take its advantage to showcase the products to customers
Use of augmented reality in health care

Increase in the productivity of healthcare professionals

  • Access to the data of the customer easily on the headset
  • During surgeries it can assist the surgeons with the required information at real time
  • At the time of emergency cases the EMT staff can easily collaborate and take help from the ER doctors
  • It helps simplify the explaining of medical procedure for the doctors
  • AR can be used for training medical students simulating different situations

Augmented reality app with IoT

The value of your data is not limited. Enhance it!

  • From gathering to making analysis, IoT operates a massive amount of data and AR apps are the best way to present this data in a simplified and most understandable form.
  • The workers can easily access the information gathered from the sensors straight on their dashboard.
  • Easy and hands free access to the data saves time which can be utilized for making quick repairs and decisions.
  • It makes it easy for the operators to get real time details of the machinery parts that require repair and maintenance.
  • It gives the field technicians an insight to the overlay of data and view the equipments on the field that needs the maintenance.
  • It helps the city officials to visualize various hypothetical situations and keep a track record of the data for the smart cities in AR apps.

Build me an AR app


Smart glass app

This app was designed for the management taking care of product pickup from the warehouses.

  • The management can click the required pictures and share it with others through the server.
  • The management can enhance its productivity by advancing the process through voice command.
  • The app enhances the interference at the time of presenting the information.
  • It helps the field workers to analyze and systemize the movement of the product in the warehouse.
  • The product details can be accessed from anywhere irrespective of the user’s location.
  • Using customized web services, the management can send information to the back end system
  • FSM app

    This app has been particularly designed for the maintenance of ATMs.

  • It enables the access to previous record of the machinery data.
  • The workers can easily analyze the parts that need repair & replacement.
  • It enables streaming a live video using either Skype or HoloLens.
  • It helps to stay updated with the information related to call status and time logs.
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    We not only design the AR app for our clients but also help them expertise the use of headsets before implementing a full-scale project. Let us give you an insight to how we develop AR apps for the clients.

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