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Parking Solutions

Drive smart, park smarter!

The search for a suitable parking space for vehicles burns about one million barrels of the world’s oil every day!

Traffic congestion has been growing at the global level, with the increasing population and is expected to worsen further, given the situation. Miracle’s smart parking solution shows light in the dark tunnel by using IoT to provide better management of the parking lots and thus save time, effort and money. Implement this technology in your own city, mall, and sports stadium or in any other organization that requires huge parking lots with thousands of cars, and improve your revenue generation. We offer you customized smart parking solutions according to each city’s and parking lot’s requirements, and our architects work hand-in-hand with you in order to come up with a pocket-friendly easy to use smart parking solution for your customers and staff. Miracle’s Smart Parking Solutions clubbed with mobile internet provides personalized parking reservations, parking guide and online payments. The kit includes Smart Bricks, Relays, Servers, Guide Indicators and connecting Mobile Apps.

Why do you need Miracle’s Smart Parking Solutions?

Better Service for your Customers


Amazing Interface
The robust software behind Miracle’s smart parking solution provides ease of use because of the smooth flow and astounding interface.


Highly Scalable
Smart Parking Solutions provide amazing scalability. You can add new parking whenever needed


Affordable Prices
The price of our parking system is very affordable and the maintenance also does not make a whole in
your pocket.


Easy Monitoring
Monitoring of smart parking systems is less invasive and comparatively safe than the use of video surveillance.


Miracle’s Smart Parking solution isrobust enough to last for several years of use.


Ease of Set-Up
The set up of the complete
system is fast and easy.

Optimize the usage of your parking space to improve efficiency and help traffic flow more freely with the next generation of smart parking.

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