Offshore Development Center+Fixed Cost

Companies, while outsourcing application development, are often left confused while looking for an
appropriate cooperation model for facilitating dealings with outsourcing partners.

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Miracle Group produces reliable services aimed at helping enterprises find the best offshore software development model for their product.

Offshore partnerships are beneficial when the development team is both experienced and able to carry out business with a fixed time or price. Our high-skilled and mature team can execute any offshore project according to specific requirements.

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Who gains the maximum benefits from the model?

Clients who are focused on the expansion capabilities of their IT teams prefer this model because:

Outsourcing risks are considerably reduced by allotting bigger work portions on the basis of the fixed price and time.

Risks related to decreased efficiency and incorrect estimation, which might occur with the introducing of entirely new teams are eliminated.

Expenses are reduced.

The working facets of an Offshore Development Center and a Fixed price model

According to this model, a dedicated personnel referred to as Developer 'A' is assigned to the client with a reasonable monthly cost. He/she is responsible for ensuring the requirements of the customer by consulting and assisting with everything throughout the project.

Developer 'A' also makes sure that every new team achieves required efficiency by providing focused and appropriate training matched to the requirements of the client. He/she runs a number of operations which include project management, quick estimations, evaluating options related to human resource management, and building and managing every new team. The functioning of the team is based on a fixed time and price basis until completion of the project.

In the instances when team involvement is not required, the focus of offshore developer 'A' shifts towards prevailing client business needs, code rescue and/or completing tasks.

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