Smart Fleet Management

Empower efficiency to your fleet management with IoT integration

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Market Synopsis

At present the logistic industry is hassled with number of challenges that makes it very difficult to keep a record of where things are and would be proceeding. Apart from keeping a track of everything at place, the changing environment, rising labor and fuel cost, and increased traffic makes the situation even worse for the transportation and logistics companies. To overcome these challenges, we have come up with IoT embedded Smart Logistics solution that would make the monitoring and managing of the vehicles and assets much more easy. With the Smart solutions, would help the transportations industry to grow with improved and flexible connectivity.

Industry Challenges

Inadequate Fleet Tracking System

Maintenance Issues

Frequent Downtime

Improper records of resources usage

Compromise Fleet Safety

Track of the Shipment and Delivery

Smart Fleet Management Solutions

Track all the details of the fleet through the sensors placed in the vehicle and get better consistence by overseeing information amongst sensors and frameworks. This would also help get detailed information to various factors and operational status associated with the vehicles.

Solutions we Offer

Manage Driving State

Monitor Vehicle Location

Driver’s Accountability

Improved Operational Visibility

Fuel and Battery Level Management

Keep a Check on Ignition and Door State

Better Operational Efficiencies

Cost Effective Solutions

Benefits to Leverage

Cost Effective Solutions
Save time and money with effective management of the fleet, logistics and other various factors associated through detailed information from sensors and better analytics.

Improved Accountability
Gain better control over the fleets by simply monitoring the activities of each driver at various locations through the sensors and available data analytics.

Improved Compliance
Enabling IoT in system gives improved insights which eventually would give a better compliance to the management.

Smart Features to Explore

Tracking in Real Time
Complete Vehicle Analytics
Safety Compliance
Complete Records

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