Project Description

UI: Angular 4, Material design 2.15: 


The coordination of data between several devices is assisted by connected healthcare devices. The continuous monitoring is made easy with the help of IoT enabled health solutions.

IoT solutions for healthcare management help in facilitating the pairing of devices with real time synchronization capabilities. This also helps enabling users to store, track and analyze data.

Client Profile:

The client was based out in Germany with its operations spread across US and Australia. The client was leading healthcare devices company.

Business Requirement:

The client being in healthcare industry wanted to control the power of IoT in order to advance user experience. The solution includes the healthcare devices which help in delivering patterns and health indicators with the help of graphs and charts. The users with the help of visualization capability closely monitor their medical conditions.

Solution Provided:

The cross platform application was built that helps in capturing health indicators from devices like activity trackers, BP monitors, and digital thermometers. The application when connective to native application reads data from the devices.


  • The unique feature of vertical strolling on dashboard gives user the access to look into the classified data.
  • The data can be managed by users by pressing and holding any data point
  • The information can be prioritized with the help of customizable dashboard
  • The user can review the activity history with the help of activity timeline. Along with this, it allows users to track previous day’s information also
  • The personal information or any data could be altered or edited by user at any point of time
  • The data visualization becomes easy for the users with the help of graphs or list, which can be viewed over a day, week or month

Technologies Used:

HTML, AngularJS, CSS



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    Project details
    • January 10, 2018