Project Description

Conception and development of a price comparison search engine for all kinds of consumer products location wise for shoppers online using Go and AngularJS.


The client, which is already an established name in the consumer products industry and has carved a niche there, approached Miracle Group with a requirement. The client wanted to develop a price search engine that could fetch and compare latest prices of all kinds of consumer products from different online portals and present the information appositely to the end user.


The requirement here was to create a price comparison search engine, which is almost equivalent to the effort that the end user will make by visiting thousands of sites and comparing prices on each of them. The main challenges involved here were to:

1)Make the search of the consumer products dynamic and robust enough to extract the relevant consumer products from stores with their images, exact effects, price, brand and other relevant information per search criterion of each end user.

2)Provide the data gathered by the price search engine in a visually appealing format where the user could easily identify and choose the products as per their liking and also

3)Provide an amazing front end design that does justice to the whole concept of an online price comparison search engine for all consumer products.


The client choose Miracle Group for the task, as it gained the confidence in the discussion stage that Miracle has the experience and expertise to bring into reality, the exact picture that the client had in their mind. We took over the challenge and did the following:

1)For the first challenge of having a robust search, Miracle Group used Go programming language (GoLang) for this project as it was the most apt one for creating a price search engine. Golang has an advantage as it is faster, has good memory management, the code is compact and it makes parallel executions of work possible.

2)To combat the challenge of presenting a large amount of data collected to the user in a way that the end user can make a sound buying decision, we customized Isotope jQuery Plugin to a large extent. It is a nice plugin to show and re-order visual content at different size but we customized it completely to fit it to the expectations of the client.

3)For the third challenge of provide an amazing front end design and enhancing the security at the same time, we implemented XSRF protection in AngularJS. The choice of AngularJS for this project proved to be a sound decision as the outcome totally matched the requirements of the client with our effort


The portal was ready in less than the expected time and became a big hit as soon as it was made live. The end user feedback about the ease of navigation and fast processing is astounding.


The client was happy with the overall work done and the platform is already a big hit amongst the users. “Team Miracle showed amazing level of involvement since the conception stage and we are happy to have them as our development partner. Their energy, commitment and responsiveness backed with the experience they have, makes them stand apart from the rest of the providers” - Client


GO, AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL



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    • December 27, 2017