Project Description

Middleware: JAVA 8, Spring 4.3:

Fleet Management Solution: Efficient Transportation and Logistics Functions


The fleet vendors tend to negotiate better contracts with Clients with the help of modifiable Fleet management solution enabling safety and improved performance.

The result mechanizes processes for vehicle examination, renovates, accident analysis, document management, and electronic projects. The alerts are being made in real-time for drivers, mechanics and fleet vendors.

Client Profile:

One of our clients was technology startup based out in UK serving the transportation industry with security and compliance solutions. They help fleet vendors decrease their downtime and improve performance by offering cloud based solutions.

Business Requirement:

The requirement of the client included a platform that helps fleet vendors fulfill instructions stipulated by UK Department of Transportation. This would necessitate digitization of methods such as recording service hours, mileage details, and document management which leads to the improvement in Fleet tracking.

Solution provided:

The solution includes mobile and web applications, which tracks geographical location of commercial vehicles. The documents were digitally stored for regulatory and compliance purposes. The solution given helped fleet vendors in tracking electronically the hours of service and automate processes required for roadside inspections.

The solution given was completely customizable and quick-to-install, which simplifies accident investigations, claims supervision, DOT audit preparation, and Electronic Logging documentation. The solution merges eDVIRs (Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) with the mechanic renovate process.


  • Electronic logging with regular status alter
  • Creation of work order for mechanics based on examination report
  • Alerts for break downs or contraventions
  • One touch logbooks for checks and assessments
  • GPS enabled route optimization and fleet tracking
  • Tracking of fuel utilization and vehicle maintenance
  • Real-time reporting and analysis for accident scene management

Technologies Used:

Java 8 Spring, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Security Hibernate MySQL Mongo DB Stripe Jasper Reports Google Maps Bluetooth Stack - BT classic and BLE Android SDK Objective-C T.


  • Improvement in safety and compliance processes led to 6% cutting in insurance premium
  • ‘On-Time Service’ is being insured by enhanced tracking capability
  • Well-organized route mapping led to 13% shrinking in fuel consumption
  • Fraud prevention led to 15% reduction in total claims
  • Digitized logging led to reduced documentation


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    Project details
    • January 10, 2018