Why Go is the best option for you?

By / September 19, 2016 /

Many companies are undergoing this long standing internal battle to decide whether or not to go for Golang web development. This post is specifically written to make the decision easier for such companies and help them choose whether or not to adopt Go as their primary development language.

Why do companies need a change?

Several companies are in a fix whether to go for Golang, Java, Scala or any other language. Though it depends upon the requirements of each company specifically, but certain common factors are the same for each one. The challenges that come across while using one language make the companies think that they need to move to a better option. Golang, which has emerged as an amazing fit for most companies is being widely adopted.

What is Go?

Before moving further, let us understand what Go is all about. Go, which is often called Golang is an open source programming language that was created at Google in the year 2007 by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer and Ken Thompson.


Why go for Go?

The fundamental challenge that many companies face is concurrent programming. If the scale of operations is on a higher side, things become difficult to manage. Go has this advantage of having the concept of concurrent asynchronous programming as part of the language. Another advantage of going with Go is that many developers love using it because of the ease of use and great value offered.  Though there is initial cost involved in the changing and set up process, however, it is always a good investment to devote more upfront and avoid pain later.

How to overcome the downsides?

There are several arguments that come up supporting not to use Go. However, there is an answer to almost of them that justifies the use of Go. The main issue involved is the library support, which is still a weakness for Go. However, it can be turned into a strength by open sourcing libraries that can be developed in Go.

Some people also argue that Go is not an innovative language. However, most of the languages have nothing innovative in them. The claims that they mention of being innovative is something which have already been done in one form or the other. Also, Go never claimed to be different anyways. On a different note, Go’s greatest innovation is to shun making software engineering an overly academic process in daily practice and to focus on improving the tools, speed and reliability in delivering things of value.

Golang web development has several advantages including better memory management, simple compilation, etc. Golang is shaping up to be the leading choice for a winning software system. Looking to hire a Golang Developer? Miracle group can help!

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