DevOps: The future trends

By / September 22, 2016 /

DevOps has catalyzed into a movement and is rapidly changing the face of IT. But what is DevOps? DevOps is a term used as a combination of Development and Operations and it emphasizes the importance of communication between the developers and the other IT professionals to bring about more automation.

Here are the three devOps trends that are slowly picking pace and are expected to continue in the coming years:

#1. DevOps will be embraced by big companies faster than anyone can imagineBig Companies

The most important point to be noted here is the adoption of devOps by large enterprises. Though the cultural shift involved here is not very easy in these large organizations, devOps is making its mark and is expected to be adopted by several companies in the coming years. As per Eberhard Wolff, the adoption pattern of agile development methodology by large enterprises provides a template for devOps adoption approach. According to Wolff, in 2000, Agile was the province of tech devotees, not on the list of management agenda. This is approximately the same stage where devOps is presently hanging now. Large enterprises have their own set of challenges in implementing devops, with a rigid culture that is already established. Still, the benefits offered is changing the picture and the pace of change will continue to rise.

 #2. Open source tools will continue to evolve further

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Though the proprietary tools from large vendors for dev Ops consultant have helped a lot in serving the enterprises, open source tools are also catching pace. This is expected to continue in the coming years as well.


#3. Enhanced career opportunities with DevOps will be hereCareer-Opportunities

DevOps is a valued skill for IT professionals. The future holds several job opportunities for those who wish to excel in this field. A survey of Linux hiring showed that 25% of respondents were seeking expert devOps professionals. But what does this exactly mean? This means that as a devOps professional, your resume shall highlight not only experience and knowledge but also the use of tools used. The trick is not to hire a professional who knows the tools and languages, this can be learned. The main area seen by hiring companies is how well a person understand the concept and what they can do to move the organization in that direction. As the future unfolds, more and more companies will seek dev Ops Consultant and will continue to move in that direction.

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