5 gamification components necessary for any App

By / September 20, 2016 /

Gamification is the inn thing these days, with more and more organizations resorting to it over the past few years. Integrating gaming concepts into the services of the organizations is now considered as a proven way to enhance customer participation and interest. The most important part is that gamification has become an effective way to convey information to a ipad game developer, customer or to promote a product and enable the customers to have fun at the same time has taken the concept to another level.

This concept when clubbed with the increased use of social media by the users has helped in the emergence of some great campaigns. Use of gamification concepts in apps has helped a lot in creating a more engaging and personalized experience for the users. Here are the most important gamification components for an App to be successful:

Reward Points


One of the most important theories for gamification is giving away reward points or any other accolades over a period of time. This keeps the user motivated and encourages continuous use. Giving badges or accolades creates a kind of snowball effect which forces the user to collect more once they reach a certain level. The basic human psyche of working more if praised in used very nicely here. Reward points not only enhances user engagement but also enhances customer brand loyalty.

Sharing on Social Media



Social sharing between people is another important gamification component for the success of the App. Sharing content is just one aspect of this. The success depends upon how many and how frequently the user engages with the content. The more the user engagement, the more they spread the word of mouth and thus enhance the overall promotion.


Contests or competition

Competition is another key component for the success of the app. Human is an unsurprisingly competitive species and most of us work better under a competitive environment.




The concept of personalization is another area which is important and cannot be left unattended. Personalization enhances the bond between the user and the organization, by giving the user a better match to their expectations and giving the organization a better idea of what the user wants.

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented concept has been emerging in the gamification realm over the past few years. This concept applies to any app that incorporates artificially constructed elements into the creation of a virtual environment, which the user sees through his/her eyes. Pokémon Go has initiated the way and VR has a potential to be taken to another level.



Gamification concepts can promote a large amount of interest by utilizing recreation and strengthening loyalty between the user, ipad game developer and the brand. The best part is that it encourages others to join in and reap benefits.  Looking for a Mobile App Development Company or dedicated ipad game developer? Miracle Group can help by starting with a thorough understanding of the concept and being supportive at every step of the way.

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