Why India emerged as the hub of software outsourcing companies?

By / January 22, 2016 /

When it comes to software outsourcing; the first name that strikes the mind is that of India. India has emerged as the hot-spot of IT services provider over a period of time. Every nation, be it a developed or developing, turns to India for their IT needs.

The major clients of our country are US and Europe, as they have full faith in the quality services that are being extended to them. Though every IT service that is being extended is of utmost high quality and precision but it is the software outsourcing which is at the top.

Every single software outsourcing company in India is known for its innovative ideas and forte to develop creative solutions to cater to the industry needs. The country serves as the central hub for the clients from across the nations. But have you ever wondered what made India a household name when it comes to software outsourcing?

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the mammoth success of software outsourcing companies in India:

Cost – The biggest factor that contributes to the ever-rising software outsourcing from India is cost-cutting. Global companies save considerable amounts by outsourcing to India. Salaries of software professionals in India are one-tenth of what is being paid in UK and US. Though salaries do fluctuate depending upon the living cost of index of different cities and set of skills, still it is far lesser as compared to the developed nations.

Well-versed in English language – Since English is our international language but still there are nations which are not familiar with the usage of it. Therefore, it becomes difficult to trade with such countries. India happens to be the ideal place as half of the population is well-versed with English which makes it easier for the other nations to interact and outsource their business operations to the country. Moreover, nation has abundance of educated and skilled workforce.

Technologically sound – Another reason that has brought big chunk of software outsourcing business to India is that the professionals of the country are technologically sound and big time tech-savvy. The experts here have in-depth knowledge of their fields and extend logical reasoning while developing creative softwares.

Infrastructure – Last but certainly not the least, the office occupancy cost in India is comparatively lesser as compared to the countries like Australia, US and Europe which ultimately reduces the overall cost of outsourcing.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, timely project completion, quality consciousness and suitable environment are other reasons of booming software outsourcing from India. If you are looking for a trust-worthy software outsourcing company in India, browse through www.miraclegroup.com and get going.

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