Accountability Outsourcing

By / January 22, 2016 /

As a business owner looking for an outsourcing company you’ll be having a lot on your mind regarding, cost, quality, frequency and other aspects on the list. But what you really should be looking for isn’t how fast will they get the job done, or the feedback you’ll get from your customers- of course these things matter, but they are results, not criteria to choose by. The secret word is, Accountability.
When looking for an outsource vendor, keep in mind that you are not hiring cheap labor for a temporary task, but professionals who are passionate about what they do, and they are willing to provide you with the best that they got, if you give them a chance and the right tools to use. Accountability involves more stringent control of services delivered based on an overall business outcome not according to time and materials. So this is the key to a successful relation between you and your vendor.

Excellence VS Expense

In other words, Value VS cost, which is more important to you? The amount of money you will pay or the value that will be added to your business? It’s so obvious that you should go with the latter, because what good will it do you when you have average quality with a budget surplus.
The partnership should be Value-driven, so both parties would have the same goal which is providing added-value to the business. And, by the way, that won’t be the only addition to your business; you will have established a positive professional partnership in the process.

Let Them In

In order for your vendor to deliver the expected results, you have to let them in on your business. They need to be well oriented about your business needs, requirements and risks as well, so they will be aware enough about every step they make and its consequences on your business. They need to have a full vision of your company’s goals and visions so it would be embedded in their work and the outcome would be consistent with the identity of your company.

Management, Management, management!

“Your biggest ally in a vendor relationship is organized and strict management practices” that is utterly true. If you create a professional atmosphere that sets your outsourcers’ expectation to provide the finest outcome, they will do so. This also means that you should provide clear, accurate and precise requirements and guidelines for your outsourcers, so they will be working according to them. But if you are providing unclear instructions and vague requirements, blame no one but yourself for setting poorly crafted goals and targets.
So in a nutshell, keep in mind to choose wisely when it comes to hiring an outsourcing company. List your priorities; expenses, quality, professionalism etc. and needs, strive for a sophisticated level of vendor-client relationship. The traditional trend of outsourcers has changed, hire someone accountable enough that you can rely on; hire a partner not a vendor. Of course skills and talents are important; however accountability is the pillar that holds up all the other assets.

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