Trend talk: Gaining popularity of Sitecore

By / April 30, 2018 /

Sitecore has been tremendously gaining popularity recently, but why? Launched way back in 2001; in the last few years the CMS has been improvised in such a way that at present it notches the list of top most ECMs used by the organizations. Today more than thousand of websites across the world mostly the ones with high traffic have integrated themselves to Sitecore Enterprise Content Management. What is so unique about this CMS? Let’s try to dig our answers and find what makes it so popular.

It’s Not Just a CMS

Sitecore provides a lot more functionality than a regular CMS. Not only can it help manage sites built on Sitecore, but can also operate the non Sitecore sites very smoothly. It’s a complete package for business that comes along with the WCM, email (EXM), commerce connector, print manager, mobile, and social media manager.

Incredible Functionality

When it comes to speed, dependability and scalability, Sitecore leads all other CMS that exist out there. With three separate databases Core, Master and Web, it provides an exceptional scalability to the user. The changes in the content are drafted on the Master Database and not on the live site so that the speed and load time of the site remains unaffected. After drafting the changes when the content is published, then it is transferred to the Web Database.


Sitecore has been built on the object model unlike the other CMS that are built on template model. In the template model, the CMS are built on the template used in the site design. The content editor adds content to the template to create pages further. Where as in an object model, the data template has got no role to what your site looks like. Here the data and the site design are two separate things.

Security Personalization

Sitecore solutions offer advanced security. It empowers the user with the role configuration option so that if he needs to restrict the access to selected section, he can easily do that. Plus providing regular updates, the Sitecore development team keeps improving the platform to save the user’s time from maintenance, updates, and security checks.

Traffic Conversion

Sitecore stands out all other CMS for bringing valuable conversions to the business. It gives detailed information about the customer’s behavior to the business. Providing real-time stat for customers where every action that the customer performs while interacting on the site, can be very valuable for the marketer to formulate appropriate strategies to bring in conversions to the business.

Ease at support

The support portal of Sitecore gives the users the option to raise their issues through the log ticket. Also it is quite certain that the issue you have been facing has already been a problem for some other site. Instead of tackling with the problem all alone from the ground level, you can raise your issue on the support and get solutions from others which will for sure save a whole lot of your time.

Regular Upgrades

Sitecore keeps improving the software with regular updates that would eventually improve the performance of the Sitecore built websites. The company spends its most of the resources on hiring quality developers that work on making the platform better and better. Instead of wasting the time and effort on building an in-house solutions, invest in Sitecore CMS where new features are upgraded regularly.

Built on ASP.NET, Sitecore is the only CMS that provides the best stable platform that can handle large traffic volume, fast development, compelling marketing tool, and ease of use for non-technical content creator. It empowers the web content editors and marketers to take over full control on the site and do their jobs more effectively. The incredible features of Sitecore outrank all other CMS platforms which are why it has been gaining so much of popularity in the industry.

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