Agile development with Go

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Go is a short, simple, agile and easy to use language that imposes very low cognitive load on the developer. It has a nicely orthogonal language feature set that yield a great language/tool for rapid software development.

To walk through the journey of Agile development with Go language, we first have to understand what Agile development is.

The Agile development

The Agile was developed in response of the problems such: software projects were beyond the budget and coming in over deadline. Agile software development is an umbrella term for practice of values, principle and methodologies. The 12 principles and 4 values make it surprisingly flexible when it comes to development and delivery of the product values.

Unlike other development methodologies it has a certain workflow, from development to production and feedback from the client. Getting feedback from the client side and introducing required change at any instant of the existing project takes it beyond the market and the competitors.

The Agile workflow from development to production

Agile development with Golang
Development with Go

Go is gradually changing the world of web development and within a year it became one of the largely recognized languages. The concurrency, parallel execution and natively supported environment of Go, left behind other languages. Go is not just limited to optimistic syntax and code for humans but it is machine oriented language as well. One of the popular DevOps tools Docker which deals in containerization (Container: A virtual machine which provides a loosely isolated environment for application development) is written in Go. Along with that it is eliminating the need of the tools used for the rescue, because Go programs can easily and elegantly run the certain task in the background.

Go language can smoothly handle infinite number of parallel connections, that ends the need of a front end guards like Nginx. Speed is one of the major concerns from development to production level and the Go language is fastest among all these languages.

Agile and Go

Agile is an approach that helps team to work more effectively and efficiently. It is fast, flexible and adaptable so that organizations/companies using this approach for better management of work are getting market values faster. The Agile methodologies can be applied on development, testing and production level. To improve scalability and compatibility from the development to production side Golang is best option to implement when it comes to process a lot of data .Go has an efficient algorithm of data processing and storing. It works smoothly with high load. The enterprise world is switching to Go. Even the organizations like Facebook, Netflix and Uber have switched to Go language for the better performance. When Netflix switched to Go it achieved scalability of 81 million users. Now, Even Uber is using Go language for map processing and achieved speed of 0,1 second.

Go for Microservices

Microservices are generally referred as Microservices architecture. These are the structures that break the large application in loosely coupled services. Microservice architecture enables us to continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery of a bulky application/software projects.

When Microservices designed along with Go language it is very easy to debug, modify and test. As Microservices loosely coupled we can change one service without affecting entire architecture.

Go for server development

A server is just as a Computer furnished with programs and/or hardware’s. It offers database services for other computers’ or clients’ on its network. There are some specific types of servers such: File server, Application server, web server etc. When server has much load the application/software goes considerably slow down. The concurrency, scalability and debugging capabilities of Golang help us to deal with such issues. We can easily make an efficient program/application in Go language to monitor the server.


As day by day Go is leading over rest programming languages, many big organizations switched to Go just because the compatibility provided by this language. Developers love to write code which is scalable, natively supported and have a great compiler. Go language has all the features so that it could be a coder friendly. Along with that when it comes to development side it plays a vital role in Agile development from development to production level.

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