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By / October 6, 2016 /

Wearable devices are helping us experience life in new ways and be less dependent on our smartphones. The year 2016 marked a lot of positive changes in the wearable industry. Some major events include the release of Apple’s watch, FitBit going public, launch of new action camera products by GoPro, etc. Though there are several positive things happening over the years, the market still expects a lot more. Many of the wearable devices were kept in a drawer within weeks of their usage by many people. Some points to be noted here are mentioned below:

Evolution will be rapid

In the coming years, it is expected that wearables will evolve at a rapid pace. Experts believe that wearables will become more cheap, small and fast. It is not a distant dream that they may become so small that we can ingest them and ember them in our bodies. Yes, really! The Apple’s watch is expected to be an altogether an improved device over the coming years. This leaves the wearable technology solutions to keep up with the race and develop mobile apps that bring the dream wearables to life.

Our lives will be affected in every which way

We will experience live in a different way altogether with the improvement in obtrusive wearables. Obtrusive wearables which are already in the market like smart glasses will develop further and there will be more such wearables that will disguise their technological components completely. According to Gartner, “bio-metric sensors will be included in 40% of smart phones shipped to the end user by next year.” There are ample opportunities still left to be explored in this segment.

Privacy is still a big concern

Privacy of data is still a big concern. Who owns your data and who all can access the same are the two most important questions that the users are still not very clear on.

Battery life is still an area of improvement

Battery is still a big impediment preventing the broader adoption of wearables. These devices shall last days or months but definitely not hours. The processors, sensors, memory, etc. are to be blamed for shorter battery life. This area still needs improvement.

The road ahead

It is evident that the future of wearables is bright and the coming years have a lot in store for us. Looking for an enterprise solution? At Miracle Group, we are focused on creating apps that help build a new way of living.

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