Devops and Cloud- Technologies That Work Dependently and Independently.

By / October 14, 2016 /

DevOps is extremely beneficial for enterprises as it encourages continued development and deployment by bringing the capabilities of operations to in-house programmers. Though the business case for continuous everything is simple to prepare, the benefits differ from enterprise to enterprise. Usually the rise of DevOps is credited to the rise of cloud computing. At the end of the day, cloud computing also presumes continuously updated infrastructure and applications. Thus, various enterprises consider DevOps as a way to their cloud strategy. Though, this may not be the correct approach.

Various enterprises still utilize arduous processes for development, design, deployment and testing of new releases of software. Many organizations claim that they utilize those intricate approaches as they are not yet prepared to progress to the cloud, which can serve as a catalyst for implementing DevOps.

Though there may be an alliance between DevOps and Cloud Computing, but both are not dependent on each other. DevOps comes handy for any software development and not just cloud deployment. Likewise, you can utilize multiple models of development for the cloud, like Agile.

While Cloud Computing and DevOps are independent concepts, they still complement each other. Like peanut butter and chocolate, both the concepts go well together but then you don’t require chocolate to relish peanut butter; both ingredients work well with various other ingredients.

If organizations choose to dissociate DevOps and Cloud Computing then it can prove to be a better option as this will result in delaying the adoption of the two technologies. Both the concepts are great and are packed with their own benefits and both possess the ability to stand independent of each other.

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