Golang – A Programming Language for the Future of Development

Golang development excellence has not gone unnoticed by Miracle Group. Composed explicitly for cloud platforms, Golang is an authority in API layer with simultaneous operations. Its robust standard library can help your team build the best solution that meets your application demands.

Better and Faster

Golang was created to streamline Google software development and to make the process more productive and scalable. The language was written by and for people who must deal with the complexity of large teams working on large pieces of software written in languages with large feature sets.

Miracle Group develops software and web based projects using Google go language and deploys expert Golang developers who can bring your project to the frontier of development.

Why Golang

Memory Management

The Go memory allocator reserves a large region of virtual memory as an arena for allocations. This virtual memory is local to the specific Go process and the reservation does not deprive other processes of memory.

Garbage Collected

Go is fully garbage collected making interfaces simpler because they don't need to specify how memory is managed across them.

Simple Compiled Language

Golang makes it possible to compile a large Go program in a few seconds on a single computer. Like C and C++, Go compiles to native machine code so you won’t need environments like CLR and JVM to run Go applications.

Concurrency Enabled

In Golang, concurrency is a first class citizen in the core language. Go introduces Goroutines which allow you to run functions concurrently.

Overcoming the Challenges of Ancestor Programming Languages

Unwieldy Type Systems
Insufficient Multicore and Parallel Computation Support

Improving Performance Based Systems

Golang is shaping up to be the premier choice for successful software systems and we predict that large and existing enterprises and software companies other than Google will use Golang.

Goroutines and lightweight threads make multi-threading incredibly easy. We find that Golang is best suited for startups and small to mid-sized enterprises that will have the luxury of flexible code based on their needs.

The programming language you ultimately choose to develop your vision can make or break the success of your company. Miracle Group has the expert Golang developers who will help you build a better application faster and make you feel confident in your choice to work with us.

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