IoT and how to make the most of it

By / November 20, 2016 /

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) has become the new name for internet these days. It is the next level in the development of data networks. You may not have observed the nascent stages but it’s not yet late. Now is the most favorable time to be a software or mobile app development company. Things like phones, laptops, tablets, fitness trackers and televisions are already a part of IoT. The idea behind the technology is to make multiple electronic devices connect to the internet to collect and transmit data.

The kids of today cannot even imagine a day without internet. The kids of tomorrow won’t be able to imagine a day without the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, it’s high time for a mobile app development company to comprehend the implications of this.

IoT is the futuristic trend

Even though IoT is the way of future, it is still comparatively unknown. To understand the significance of IoT, consider this example- Intel predicts that by 2020, there will be around 200 billion connected devices! There are multiple factors that explain this incredible growth. As the price of technology drops, it becomes easier for manufacturers to build Wi-Fi capable products. Also, smartphones powered with internet are slowly becoming the standard device for communication. Apple is already integrating televisions, mp3 players and fitness crackers into IoT. Many more players are slowly tracing the same path.

Even though these trends and predictions depict IoT as the next big thing in the market, there is still not enough understanding about the concept among the general public. In most cases, even people who utilize IoT on a daily basis are not aware of it.

There is a tremendous potential for growth

For software developers, IoT will offer a hub of opportunities. As the mobile app store continues to expand with around 1.5 million games, idlers and trackers, IoT presents a great new world out there. To get started with the technology, try and become an expert in a field that is yet to be discovered. If you are planning to spend the coming five years with a mobile app development company building apps and software for toasters or showers, possibilities are there that no one will know more about your domain than you do. IoT is a multi-dimensional domain and it’s not viable for the key players to cover each and every device. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for a custom app development company. For your IoT creation or software app to take off, ensure that it is scalable. Though development and research are crucial in early stages, it is vital that you prepare yourself for best case contingencies. There’s an immense potential in IoT as long as you comprehend how it works and where you can fit!

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