Interested to outsource software development? Here are a few myths busted…

By / June 9, 2017 /

To grow in today’s competitive world, almost every business needs dedicated software. Several companies outsource software development to other companies to focus on their core business area and passing on the intricacies involved in this task to experienced companies. This method is lately becoming popular; however, there are certain myths that are associated with software development outsourcing that makes companies shy away from adopting this method in totality. The companies need to get a clear picture on such misconceptions for better decision making. Here is a list of top 5 myths revolving around software development outsourcing and a clear perspective to it:

Myth No. 1: Outsourcing software development means you cannot change or modify the software when needed.

Fact: Though there is a general air that outsourcing software development involves getting rigid software as decided upon when the project is finalized, it is not actually true. Software companies today design scalable software that can be modified according to business needs at a later stage. Moreover, more and more software development companies are resorting to agile methodologies and that makes the whole process more adaptive and flexible.

Myth No. 2: If the software development project is outsourced, the management can relax.

Fact: If the project is outsourced, the management needs to be even more careful with the administration of the expected output. Even if you have done your best in choosing the best outsourcing partners, there is no harm in being extra cautious and measuring the output frequently, so that the expected results are achieved within time and everything goes smoothly.

Myth No. 3: Software outsourcing can be approached as a fixed cost and time frame project.

Fact: Though a fixed price model seems like a good option to some companies while outsourcing their software development project, it is not actually a very wise choice always. A fixed price and time based software outsourcing may involve hidden costs. Moreover, there is a risk of incurring overtly huge costs, if the project oversteps the time estimated originally for it.

Myth No. 4: Software outsourcing involves some compromise on the quality of the output.

Fact: Outsourcing your software requirement may not necessarily mean compromising the quality of the output. It might actually happen that the expert in the said field comes up with a better version than expected or if done in-house.

Myth No. 5: Software Designing and UX is just a layer of decoration that can be added anytime.

Fact: Software designing and offering a seamless user experience is much more than a layer of decoration. It is actually one of the important factors that affect the success or failure of the software in question.

Software development is a logical, rational and analytical field. However, over a period of time, it is been under the shade of some myths and misconceptions that are a result of long held traditions that are held and accepted even to this day by some. While taking a decision it is always in interest to clear the air and get the clear picture of facts. The decision to outsource software development shall be taken keeping both the pros and cons in mind. It is always good to focus on the core area of your business and outsource whatever is possible to eminent vendors and thus find a suitable way towards cost reduction, better technology and quality output.

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