8 Reasons That Prove Why Angular JS Is Most Preferred Among Developers.

By / September 7, 2016 /

Angular JS development is one the most enthralling libraries when it comes to web development in the modern world. Owing to its useful features, many web developers prefer it and multiple big companies like Facebook, Netflix and Paytm use it.

Reasons behind the popularity of Angular JS

ANgular JS development

Minimize the coding requirements:

Angular JS eliminates the need for added coding. You are not required to write MVC pipeline and don’t have to worry about integration as the already existing structures can be utilized by directives. When it comes to manipulation, already existing features assist the filters to get it done with great ease.

Declarative user interface:

For user interface, Angular JS depends on HTML. Going for a declarative approach is a good choice for app development as it makes the process easier. The best part is that it offers exactly what one expects out of it. Angular JS also takes care of the execution.

Model View Whatever (MVW) Model:

Angular JS works seamlessly with all other tools. Here, the discussion is about the architecture of models that are nested and where models work seamlessly with each other. The View permits greater than one view per controller.

Data models in Angular JS:

Let’s consider the case of data models in Angular JS. They work with the assistance of POJO (Plane Old Java Script Objects). You are not required to include any unwanted functions if you make use of POJO. The properties too can be easily manipulated. The main concept of the data models used in Angular JS is Cork Board Model. Cork Board refers to an exclusive memory area.

Carry out data manipulations with filters:

Data transformations are linked with filters. To perform data manipulation, you can easily make use of a filter. There are various examples of data manipulation like changing the order of arrays, pagination implementation, etc. You are not required to write even a single line of JS code when it comes to data manipulation with the help of filters.

Directives help you in controlling the behavior:

Directives play a crucial role when it comes to Angular JS development. They are needed to perform DOM modifications. Angular JS allows you to turn the DOM code into directives and this makes it easy to control the behavior of the objects.

Offline data makes processes easier


As service providers are aligned with the server, they take complete care of the data. They possess the offline data and this makes it a pretty easier for you to access it. Moreover, mechanisms are also there in store that further help to easily retrieve data and send it from the server in an effective manner. Multiple devices also get to share the same resources with the assistance of service providers.

Perform testing on sample data:

Angular JS allows you to conduct unit tests. You will receive a sample to conduct testing. You can give the data to the controller output and also analyze the outcome of your test. Owing to this special feature, many programmers prefer Angular JS.

The above mentioned reasons provide a great drive to programmers to opt for Angular JS for developing web applications. Hire a good Angular JS development company and get started with your development process today.

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