AI products which amazed us in 2017-18

By / January 19, 2018 /

What does the future of tech look like? How will AI products and gadgets impact the future of the World? What will happen to artificial intelligence and other trendy technologies like IoT? These were few of the questions which people used to think before they actually came across the powerful gadgets and products of the trending technologies.

Prediction of the future is a hard gig. However, people used to take out presumptions out of curiosity by predicting what’s hot in coming years by asking the experts their opinion. But artificial intelligence has been progressing massively over the years. It is one of the most booming technologies in the world today. AI technology has developed it roots in different industries ranging from finance, retail, medical, automotive to many more, list is endless. This is amazing to see that Artificial Intelligence has progressed at lot in last 10 years, from self driving cars to speech recognition, from self moving suitcase to humanoid robots.  AI development has continued to become a normal part of everyday living, from regulations to frustrations by its numerous such gadgets; products to lessen the everyday hassle.

Let’s have a look at some of AI gadgets and products which amazed us in 2017-18:

1.) AI Toothbrush:

Apple and Colgate partnered and released a high tech toothbrush which is said to improve the oral health over the time. AI-enabled smart ‘E1’ toothbrush have inbuilt sensors which will track the brushing coverage and give the real time feedback about the oral healthcare. This brush from Kolibree (a dental tech company) is unique as it uses sonic vibrations to remove plague, collects and store data even when it is not connected to the app. It records the offline brushing data in order to synchronize later when gets connected to app.

The main reason for this AI toothbrush is to record and analyze the behavior of person and provide the personal feedback about the hygiene which person usually maintain, either within the app or weekly via email. AI is transforming the healthcare industry and solving numerous problems by introducing such products.


2.) Kuri – Adorable Smart Home Robot

Kuri, a cute and adorable home robot is introduced by Bosch start-up Mayfield Robotics. The thought behind this robot creation is to maintain the connections between family members. This smart robot has won lot of hearts and won minds with its cuteness and abilities at its launch at CES 2018. Kuri is a smart home robot which has a camera, loudspeakers, microphones and multiple sensors. Kuri has the ability to roam and sort all the things around the house. It captures incredible videos of you, your friends, family and pets every day. Kuri learns the rhythm of your household can wake you up in time for work and greet you when you come home at night. Kuri’s app keeps you connected to your home and life at home.


3.) Smart Shower System:

Moen made a smart shower system that allow user to control water temperature and other features with voice control. U by Moen is a smart shower with the added feature of controlling shower heads, hand shower, body sprayer and other fixtures using in-shower control pad otr mobile app. You can use it via Aplle AI assistant or Amazon’s Alexa in which you can even ask Siri or Alexa to start a shower at desired temperature.


4.) Sophia – Humanoid Robot:

Sophia is one of the robotic creations of Artificial Intelligence technology. Sophia is a humanoid robot who becomes first robot in the world history to get a citizenship of a country (Saudi Arabia). The 14-inch tall AI robot was developed by David Hanson, the founder of Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. The one of its kind humanoid was designed to make over 50 facial expressions as users ask about the weather, traffic and basic trivia. She has cameras and AI software that allow her to ‘make eye contact’ and recognize people.


5.) CX-1– A Self Driving Luggage:

Robotic suitcases are very much a thing now. ForwardX Robotics made CX1 “world’s first self-driving carry-on which has the features of facial recognition, gesture control and object avoidance to keep you hands free while walking. The CX-1 won’t just follow you at one set speed. The all-wheel drive system has been designed to precisely follow the CX-1’s owner smoothly. The system has the capability of even charging your smart phone.


6.) Roll-Up Television:

LG-display made 162 cm long (65 inches) model that can roll up like a newspaper. A couple of years ago, LG showed of 18-inch OLED display that could be bent and rolled up like a newspaper making it easily movable. But the new prototype is much larger than the previous one. This 65-inch foldable UHD OLED is built with the concept that it can be rolled or folded and hidden whenever not in use. No pricing, or resolution, has been announced, but Samsung says its Micro LED TV will ship sometime this year.


These are the few AI inventions which were created and showcased this in 2017-18. Artificial Intelligence is bringing change in people’s lives. As per a Narrative Science Report, just 38% companies used AI in 2016 but the percentage is going to rise to 62% in 2018. AI is making our life easy and re-structuring the business processes.

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