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Giving a picture to the conference with HTML5

As more companies are becoming international or are involved in international affairs with other companies abroad, the traditional office or call conference remains behind nowadays. The clients need a picture and movement in order to go through a meeting as if it was face-to-face. Thus, video conferencing appeared and its request has increased a lot.

Customer: IT Solutions Provider

Requirements: Our clients requested from us to create and design a video conferencing platform which will allow users to connect and invite others, and will enable an Audio-Visual conference call.

Solutions: Miracle implemented a platform that supports all types of communications (video, audio, chat, email, file and screen sharing), which can be easily accessed from anywhere. The platform resulted to be satisfying, easy to use, and attractive for its users. The clients can easily market their products to other domains too. The platform has common functionalities and features, along with a friendly dashboard and buttons/links.

Tools: Web RTC,, EasyRTC, Node.js, Express js, Jade, Stylus, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, TURN/STUN server, Twilio API, SVN



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    Project details
    • January 22, 2016

    • HTML5