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Customer: A top University located in India that recently adhered to internationally accepted standards, and wanted to implement an innovative and efficient learning environment for its students.

Requirements: Client’s wish was to create an online bilingual platform easy accessible for all of the students, especially for those who study from a distance. All the departments of the University need to be uploaded on the platform both in English and in Hindi. The students should be able to upload and download files, and submit a test/exam online.

Challenges: Our biggest challenge was to upload all the courses of the University on the platform, and maintaining it efficient, functional, and organized. Taking into consideration our vast experience in this domain, Miracle has successfully accomplished all the requirements, and made our client happy.

Solutions: After getting in touch with University’s staff and completely understanding customer’s requirements and needs, Miracle has put its team at work and created a customized Learning Management System. This system supported the 400+ courses from the University. The platform was available in English and Hindi. Also, at the same time, multiple members could log in and use the platform from different parts of the country or of the world. Assignments, tests, and exams online were also allowed for the students to submit. The platform was University’s newest project, which it brought fame and improved its workflow.

Results: The University gained more engaged students, an easy to use and cost effective e-learning platform. They were utterly satisfied with the results, having no regrets or complaints on the flow of the project.



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    • January 22, 2016

    • Education