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Go to war well-equipped or not at all!

The client has released a brand new warrior game recently and he wanted to give it a multiplayer option. He also looked for rich graphics, visuals, and animations, as well as various distinctive characteristics regarding the game. Miracle made his each and every wish possible, even managing to exceed client’s expectations. Read here and find more about it.

Customer: Game Design Company

Requirements: The client wanted to develop a multiplayer game which will be easily accessed and played from any device, and any browser. The main aspect that the client has put an emphasis on was the way in which they players will be chosen, which will change the entire flow of the game.

Challenges: Our main challenge was to create a multiplayer game in which the players could customize their warriors according to their strength and appearance. The player would have a slot machine with name, appearance, and strength characteristics. None of the boxes will coincide with the other one, which means that the warrior would have different characteristics every time he is being chosen. The client was not sure of the efficiency of this game rules, and turned to Miracle for a solution.

Solutions: After contemplating over the client’s needs and requirements, our skilled team has found a solution that we brought forward to the company. Miracle created a HTML5 browser based multiplayer game accessible from any device, and provided clear and dynamic image of round corners, animations, shadows, and other special effects as such. The game was designed to support 6 players at once, both real and virtual. Once logged in, the player has to play the slot machine first in order to choose a warrior which will be customized according to the slot machine results. Once he gets a warrior, the game starts based on default rules set beforehand in the application for each and every warrior combination.

Results: The client was pleased and happy with Miracle’s results and expertise in IT field, whilst having a whole new envisage about a next project in collaboration with us.

The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.

-Nick Johnson



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    Project details
    • January 22, 2016

    • Gaming