Cloud Support Testing, Insight Analytics And Ui Frameworks Are Provided By Multiple Mobile
Frameworks With High Value And Performance.

At Miracle Group we make sure that offshore mobile application development frameworks provide to create customized solutions to our clients. Our agile dedicated teams are experienced in collaborating over user requirements, running frequent iterations to support application development, code rescue and quality assurance. Using mobile frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, jQuery and HTML; we can take advantage of the key insights and features to enhance and execute our own very high quality developments.

Xamarin development

Xamarin development platform provides C# application development across iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. Key benefits of Xamarin development include it’s low development costs, high performance, regular updates of iOS and Android features, and native UI insights.


UI toolkit:

For apps that require few platform specific functionalities but superb user interface, Xamarin offer UI forms as a toolkit for data entry and prototypes. This saves time on development costs but ensures quality is high with appropriate user specific designs.


Cloud support with Xamarin:

Xamarin test cloud is a fail- safe method of catching bugs before the user even notices them. It works by testing hundreds of devices, based on operating system, manufacturer, popularity and many more, and running tests through the cloud. Moreover, Xamarin provides detailed reports with performance metrics to ensure your apps are running safely.


Xamarin Insights:

As well we this, Xamarin offers an ‘insight’ service where by iOS, Android and Windows phones are monitored in real time to bring native analytics and crash reporting to .NET and mobile applications. Xamarin insights offer fine- tuned controls and high level security, and superb communication of crashes and fixes via the insight dashboard.

Xamarin features:

  • Single code base for iOS, Android and Windows Native UIs and performance

  • Concise and efficient coding

  • HTML5 and CSS3 compatible

  • Multiple web browsers

  • Objective-C, Java, C, C++

  • Renowned IDEs


Responsible for revolutionising web-based application development, HTML5 is the most popular language choice by developers. A key asset of HTML5 is its flexibility, as well as its ability to script APIs for Javascript. This means it can support the latest multimedia, smartphones and tablets.

HTML5 features:

  • Clear focus on web app requirements

  • Flexible testing across multiple devices

  • Native UIs and performance

  • Embedded Audio and video

  • HTML5 and CSS3 compatible

  • Client side database

  • Responsive Design

  • Smarter forms

  • Offline application cache

  • Base Class Library (BCL)

  • Thread like operation

  • Geolocation APIs

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PhoneGap development

The main strength of thePhoneGap mobile framework is that it uses JavaScript libraries that are common across all phone operating systems. This allows developers to produce consistent applications across all platforms.

PhoneGap features:

  • All major platforms supported

  • Single Standards UI language

  • Developer support packages

  • Minimal plug in development

  • Free and Open Source

  • Reduced UI cost

Sencha Touch development

The UI tools that come with Sencha Touch equip developers with the even bettercomponents to build mobile apps on iPhone, iPad and Android. Appearing just like a native app, Miracle Group takes advantage of the ability of Sencha Touch to support an entire platform. We use mobility services, thorough mobile strategy, server engineering and mobile development to ensure you have high calibre mobile applications with a constant workflow.

Sencha Touch features:

  • Supports PhoneGap framework

  • Employees web standards

  • Supports mobile web apps

  • UI provision to web apps

  • High compatibility

  • Ext.JS based foundation


JQuery mobile frameworks are built to enhance the features of mobile applications. It is often used for performance testing and best development practises, custom plug in development, version migration and cross browser verification. The use of widget development in jQuery makes it another popular choice, allowing developers to enhance the visual appearance of the application.

jQuery features:

  • Cross device mobile framework

  • Control features and UI widgets

  • Lightweight

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