We are a well known agency for LemonStand Development Solutions
and Design Services for Ecommerce websites worldwide.

A different kind of lemon stand!

LemonStand is built on a PHP/MySQL MVC framework which allows creation of 100% customized and robust e-commerce portals. It is easily extendable with modules and extensions that are the main basis of this platform. It lets you customize order flow, emails, email notifications, invoices, packing slips, checkout process.

Miracle Group, with its talented team of developers is the ideal partner for your e-commerce needs. We can leverage LemonStand development services to deliver websites that are feature rich and functionally exceeding your expectations.


Major Reasons to Opt for Lemon Stand

  • Back end development

  • Front End Development

  • Easy online Marketing and Promotion

  • Multiple shipping options available

  • Modern and efficient Content Management

  • Round the clock Technical support

  • Easy and frequent updates

Business Benefits of Lemon Stand

Lemon Stand is preferred by both, developers and users – customers- as well for its ease of use, integration and
customizability. Adding to that, being light weighted and not requiring much maintenance, thus saving more costs.

Database Rich

LemonStand has a lot of features to help you connect with your database thus, providing a seamless flow of information from the database to the front end enhanving user experience and providing you insights

Easy integration

Less amount of coding and a lot of options to integrate with extensive number of backends, LemonStand makes it easy to use with many tools and legacy systems.


With high level security and built in back up features, you need not to worry about losing your data or customer information. It is very difficult to crack into websites built using LemonStand – meaning your data and transactions are safer than you imagine. Your customers will thank you for this.

Efficient CMS

Out of all the modern e-commerce solutions, LemonStand has one of the best content management systems, that propelled it into top consideration for websites that are content heavy (which is the case for most e-commerce websites).

Our Lemonstand Is Not Just A Simple Lemon Stand It’s Your Future E-commerce Business!