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Building technology with its integration such as building automation, fire safety, security, lighting, and low-voltage power distribution is often indispensable and forms the heart of a Total Building Solution from Miracle. Our team enhances your existing Building Management System rather than replacing it that lowers the cost for you and liberates you from any kind of overheads.

Miracle groups transmitting agile Smart Building Solutions to other Industries:


Offices: For a more flexible, efficient, innovative, and productive way of working. Leading wireless controls solution for smart buildings, delivering dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements in a simpler, more cost-effective way than ever before. It is designed for facility managers and building owners who are striving to deliver more, but are constrained by limited budgets and outdated technology.


Venues: Target your capabilities on venue’s infrastructure, and minimize energy expenses in auditoriums, stadiums and public venues with Smart Building Solutions.


Real-estates: Our solutions join hands with you for your real estate development projects by integrating new technologies, software, and sensors to enhance insights into building management.

IoT Smart Building Solution Features:

Building Automation
Safety on Premise
Security on premise
Analysis and insights
Clients Stories

Our projects have been delivered with success to each and every client that we had had. Check out the stories
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