Lean and Agile Development is the foundation of both DevOps and continuous engineering
approaches.More efficient teams are one of the results of this approach.

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An Agile Beginning

Soon after starting out, we discovered that the entire world of enterprise software was moving beneath our feet. Suddenly, new products and services needed to be finished and marketed much faster. Also, the increasing complexity of IT solutions was making the whole process much more difficult to manage and the benefits anticipated from the advanced technologies were not actualized quickly enough.
We looked for a whole new way to bring software to the market – and we wanted to do it as quickly as possible. Our approach incorporated complex components, simpler design and utilizing technology for enhancing efficiency whenever required. We didn’t stop at the incorporation of the Agile methodology though. We quickly established whole new standards for delivering high quality software credibly and quickly.

We have carried out numerous experiments to ensure that working on projects of varied complexity is easier, while distributing our teams over the vast technological landscape. In the modern software market the requirements shift at an astonishing rate, but the incorporation of Agile methodologies enables us to deal with the changes appropriately.

Why Lean?

We often extend ourselves to help our clients build specific foundations for delivering quality software engineering. As Agile methods are introduced to stabilize and enhance IT performance, we invariably start to see some hidden barriers that prevented our clients from reaching their full potential. By eliminating these barriers we can create a work environment that supports future growth of the enterprise.

IT projects and assets which utilize essential resources, rather than creating organizational structure and processes, often produce waste which affects most enterprises in a negative way. This kind of attitude promotes internal competition and dysfunctionality instead of high performance. Organizations must learn that they need to abandon initiatives disconnected from the actual work scene and apply breakthrough strategies for operational excellence.

Certain realities emerge when businesses start sourcing an IT project:

  • Requirements are not completely understood prior to starting a project.

  • Users become aware of what they were looking for, only after observing the initial version of the software.

  • As business priorities change during the process of software construction, there is a big need to revisit the project specs.

  • In terms of design, the agile development method adopts change as a normal part of development process and produces faster outcomes with shorter project duration.

  • By following agile practices we are able to improve the entire project value without overrunning the deadline.

Miracle takes pride in creating solutions which match the ever evolving needs of diverse individuals, while constantly empowering them to improve. Combining Lean and Agile methodologies, we can enable your entire enterprise to adapt to new circumstances as quickly as possible.

Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.

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