We provide development and programming solutions for developing applications
using Zend Framework and Development Tools based on modular MVC design.

How Can We Help You With Zend Development?

Zend has been rising in popularity for developers and casual users. It has all the features of a framework that supports modern web development initiatives; whether it is a community, social platform or highly modular structure that is enterprise-ready.

Taking the PHP technology to the next level, the Zend Framework is based on simplicity, object-oriented best practices, corporate friendly licensing schemes, and most importantly – a rigorously tested, agile code base. The primary focus of the Zend Framework development is building highly secure, reliable, and modern Web 2.0 applications.

Miracle Group, a leading provider of web programming services, offers Zend developing services for various business verticals. Having worked on more than a 100 projects, our team of PHP, Zend specialists integrate innovative concepts to provide advanced solutions that address your business needs. Leveraging all the assets of this PHP framework, our certified Zend experts build high performing and qualitative Web 2.0 applications. Having mastered the skills of various types of open source development, our PHP programmers use agile practices to engage in the development, deployment and maintenance business-oriented web and mobile applications.


Zend Features

  • PHP Zend Framework Web Application Development

  • Zend Customization

  • Zend Application Services

  • Zend Portal Development

  • Zend Web Application Development

Business Benefits of Zend Development

The Zend framework accelerates production and improves user satisfaction levels. It can assist PHP developers by accelerating the development of large projects quickly and accurately.

Zen Cart Customization

Miracle Group provides extensive support to help you with your Zen Cart site. We offer Zen Cart CMS customization which includes unlimited access to the products and categories.

Design & Integration

We integrate the template with your logo and pictures into the latest Zen Cart shop. Once completed, we either install the shop for you or send you all the required files.

Theme Development

Zen Cart is both an open source and standard code, so it only requires limited changes while coding. This is the reason why you often see the same designs and themes with Zen Cart.

Modules Development

We develop the front end design of your online store, allowing customers to select and add a product to the shopping cart, integrating the shopping cart with the product catalogue, providing a secure checkout, and calculating the total amount.

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