Discover a New World of Web Applications With Node.js

By / August 31, 2016 /

JavaScript has brought tremendous changes in the web development world. Things that can be done on the web these days with JavaScript were hard to imagine before.

According to Wikipedia,

Node.js Development is a packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the libuv platform abstraction layer, and a core library, which is itself primarily written in JavaScript.

JavaScript has brought tremendous changes in the web d

It is also worth considering that the creator of Node.js, Ryan Dahl was aspiring to build real time websites that offer push capability. In Node.js, he offered developers a tool for working in even driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm. The technology blooms in real time web apps that employ push technology over websockets.

The Node Package Manager (NPM)

node package manager

One thing that deserves special attention while discussing Node.js development is the built in support for package management using NPM tool that comes attached with all Node.js installations. The concept of NPM modules matches with that of Ruby Gems- a set of reusable components that are publically available and accessible through simple installations via online repository with dependency management and versions.

Some of the most popular modules of NPM:


  • Express: js is a Sinatra inspired framework for web development for Node.js and the standard for bulk of Node.js apps that are available today.


  • Connect: It is an extensible HTTP server framework designed for Node.js that provides a collection of high performance plugins that are known as middleware and serves as a base foundation for Express.


  • Jade:It is one of the popular template engines that are inspired by HAML.


  • Coffee-script:It permits developers to write programs of Node.js using Coffee.


  • io and sockjs:It is a server side component of the 2 most common websockets components out in the market.


  • Forever:It is a common utility for making sure that a node script runs continuously.


  • Mongo and Mongojs:These are the MongoDB wrappers that provide the API for MongoDB object databases.


  • Underscore:It is the most popular utility library in JavaScript that is packaged to be used along with Node.js and its two counterparts.


    The list is endless as there are a range of other useful packages available in the market.


    Why is Node.js a big hit?

    JavaScript has brought tremendous changes in the web development. Node.js allows you to build a remote control web application that can be paired with another web application that is required to be

    Node.js Development

    managed from a distance in real time making it simpler for you to manage anything that you select with a remote. Node.js along with can be utilized for running a presentation on your laptop by utilizing your smartphone as a remote control. By employing Node webkit, you can create a chat application that will run on mac, Linux and Windows.

    JavaScript has brought tremendous changes in the web d

    Node.js allows you to create your own game apps and execute them in real time on web browsers. The platform makes it possible for you to build a range of apps that can run at the same time on your desktop even when they are from distinct platforms.

    JavaScript has brought tremendous changes in the web d

    There is a lot that can be done with Node.js that you get the complete creative world at your footstep. You can select from multiple packages, command line apps, mad science, http logging, functional programming, build tools, command-line utilities, web frameworks, file systems, documentation, etc.  Hire Node.js developer to build your next stunning mobile app development platform.

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