Want to provide a remarkable mobile UX? Here is what you need to do…

By / May 16, 2017 /

Over years, there have been quite a number of changes to bring about adaptability and innovation in how the demand from customers is incorporated in the product offering to make it more adaptive. Moreover, we see a lot of startups that have become successful in a short span have one thing in common. Yes, you guessed it right… it’s offering an astounding customer experience.

The customer experience is what matters the most in the success or failure of any business. You may have an amazing product but, if the customer is not happy with the way things work for him, it is not likely that the product will do well, considering the current scenario. Now, when everything is on the mobile, it is equally important for the product owner to take care of the customer experience as it is to take care of the product itself.
If you wish to provide a seamless mobile user experience (UX), here is what needs to be taken care of:

Contextualizing mobile experience based on user expectations

It is vital to keep this one question in mind i.e. “Why is the user using the app? Or what problem is the app solving for the user?” This forms the base for contextualizing everything when the app is still in the nascent stage. The differentiating factor that decides whether the offering will be liked or not by the user is how well you distinguish yours from what others are already offering. Some questions that need to be answered here include whether the user is using the app just for information or for making a purchase? Is the user ready to make a purchase on the spot or things will work slowly? What information does the user need at the first go? How can the information be provided without complicating things? Once you have an answer to these, it is easy to conceptualize and execute things for better user experience.

Seek user advice and feedback

It is important to involve the user, so that you get the feedback from the people who will actually use the app. A difficulty faced by the user or a negative feedback is great and constructive for you. You get first hand information for aspects that can be revised for better UX. This means that when you are acting on the negative feedback, you are actually saving your potential customers to be on your app rather than visiting competitors’ apps.

Speed does matter

Speed of navigation and the overall flow matters a lot in giving the user the kind of experience that makes you unique. A slow app will most probably lose more customers as compared to a difficult to use app. Thus, it is vital to not only have a good product but also to provide efficient navigation and speed to the user.

Everything is in the details

A UX developer has a big task of providing details expected by the user in a way that everything is clear and at the same time nothing is mixed or haywire. If this challenge is well taken care of, the app is going to be a hit with respect to the usability.

Test Test Test

The prototypes shall be made available to users as soon as possible for testing and identifying potential areas of improvement. This step is very important as it helps to access whether or not the product being built is in line with the user needs.


The approach used by every company and every UX developer is different and is based on the past experience and the way of tackling things. The above stated points can help in getting the desired direction when needed. If you needs assistance in getting a good UX for your app, Miracle group is here to help.

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