Top 6 Reasons for embracing Ruby on Rails

By / January 22, 2016 /

Over the past decade, Ruby on Rails development became one of the most widely used solutions for creation of web apps. As we all know, the tech environment is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with all the new coding methods. Yet RoR proved to be the solid solution for anyone who wants to quicken the development process and enable enterprises to save time and money.

High skill in the area of Ruby can lead to many new career opportunities. All the time, we see new projects and attractive jobs that require this programming language. Knowing all this, we offer a simple advice – “Get your Ruby on ASAP!”

“But what the heck is Ruby on Rails?” you might ask. In most simple terms, it’s a web application development tool. It was written in Ruby programming language, which gives a well-defined structure for your code. Developers favour RoR because it enables them to distinguish and automate the mundane tasks that are quite common at each stage of the programming process. This is only one of many good reasons to learn Ruby. Read on and learn about six more exciting benefits that it can bring you.

The speed

There are people who say that developing the whole site with Rails might only take a few weeks. True or not, one thing is certain – RoR is able to speed up your development process by leaps and bounds. Not only it provides you with more lucid repository (because less code is required), it also enables you to reuse a lot of existing components. Building everything from scratch? Not anymore!

Within Ruby’s infrastructure, you will also find tons of plugins bearing the quaint, RPG kind of name of the “Ruby Gems”. You can easily employ them rather than using features that you have to develop by yourself. As an additional benefit, you might add the integrated testing tools and scaffolding features which make RoR not only effective, but also quite easy and approachable.

The low cost of implementation

In the business world, higher speed almost always equals lower costs – this holds especially true for Ruby. It’s not only highly automated, but also enables you to significantly reduce the amount of work that needs to be done. From now on, instead of learning the whole framework, developers can focus only on specific problems that require their attention.

The high speed of development with Rails, empowers companies to jump on new trends and get products to the market fast. The solutions that would regularly take eons to create, now can be created in record time. Just imagine, now you can get it done quicker than Mr. Wolf (joking).

RoR is one of the best programming languages ever

Ruby is far from being the easiest programming language, but it’s definitely worth your time. It combines the best characteristics of both static and dynamic languages. Due to the object-oriented paradigm, RoR becomes a perfect solution for achieving your goals. Instead of just producing never ending lines of code you can become one of the most productive programmers in the industry!

Its open-source capabilities will blow your mind

This is one of the major benefits of Ruby. The framework, as well as the libraries are largely open-source (by the way, Ruby is built on Linux which is famous for its open-source). Because of that, getting a project done on Ruby won’t demand a dime of licensing costs – just another way to keep your coins in the vault.

There’s also a large community behind every open-source solution and Ruby is not and exception. If you have any problems, you can be sure that there’s someone out there who will help you out!

It’s elastic

After creating and getting your Rails app to the market, you can update it with relative ease. Incorporating new features and changing the data models is easier than ever, so again, you can save some time and money.

It enables high productivity

RoR can be described as a self-documenting framework, which indicates that if you leave your job to cruise the Caribbean other programmers can pick up your code and take it from there within blink of an eye. Ruby’s code is surprisingly easy to read which helps greatly, when you want to re-assign the project to someone else.

Ruby on Rails is in it’s hay day right now, and the future holds great promise for this programming language. Everyone who needs to launch the apps fast, while working with tight deadlines and budget can use it effectively. Companies like Slideshare, Goodreads and GitHub are working wonders with Ruby these days. Let them be an example for your own projects!

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