The Latest IoT Solutions Company Trends to Know This Year

By / December 13, 2022 /

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects that have been fitted with software, sensors, and other technologies in order to exchange and communicate data with other systems and devices over the internet (IoT). These gadgets range from commonplace domestic items to contemporary industrial machines.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the digitalization of things, and the affordable resources that are being made available to everyone have only made this possible so that they can access these trends.

But without mentioning IoT, we cannot discuss digitalization. It’s like a technological godsend, and in the modern era, no business can even expand without implementing IoT solutions. Whether a startup or a large multinational corporation, everyone needs IoT security solutions to perform better than their rivals.

Considering this, let’s now examine the top IoT trends for 2022.

Top IoT Trends in 2022

One of the most fascinating use cases of IoT technology is to support artificial intelligence software. Artificial intelligence and IoT have a mutualistic relationship. IoT benefits AI with distributed data and AI benefits IoT with advanced management. 

  1. Blockchain

The rising use of blockchain technology in IoT is one of the most recent trends. Blockchain is a great fit for industrial IoT solutions as they are also distributed in nature. It can help ensure data security in IoT devices, enables thriving interaction between various network nodes, and ensures safe record keeping.

  1. Smart Cities

Smart cities always lead the way when discussing innovative internet of things (IoT) technologies. Over the past five years, several governmental organizations have started IoT technology projects that will completely transform cities.

Using vast volumes of data, the government will adopt many intelligent solutions for a variety of problems, including citizen safety, energy use, transportation congestion, sustainable development, and more.

  1. IoT Powered with 5G Technology

Besides ushering in a new era of wireless technology, 5G lays the groundwork for the Internet of Things to realize its full potential, which will revolutionize the pace of technological advancement.

Without a doubt, 5G technology will rank among the most important internet of things (IoT) emerging technologies in 2022, since reliable connectivity will lead to IoT devices that perform better overall. The benefits of 5G include lower latency, network slicing, real-time data processing, wide coverage, and real-time data processing.

  1. Traffic Management

According to current internet of things (IoT) trends, IoT security solution can address global challenges like traffic and blockage problems. These days, a lot of businesses offer plans and solutions that make use of IoT-installed technology in vehicles and traffic systems to create more intelligent traffic networks, which should lessen unnecessary traffic and congestion.

  1. IoT-Empowered AI Applications

Together, the two distinctly diverse technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) can offer practical business solutions. AI algorithms now require relatively little data to get reliable results.

Businesses that use these two technologies can automate several operations, lower operating expenses, cut downtime, boost productivity, and enable predictive maintenance.

  1. Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation that acts as the real-time digital equivalent of a physical object or activity, and it was first recognised in 2020. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including diagnosing, optimising, checking on, and managing asset performance and usage. By 2025, the market for digital twins is expected to develop at a combined annual growth rate that is several times higher.

Artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Siri, as well as voice-based user interfaces built by Apple, have raised the bar for voice-based user interfaces.

In the upcoming new era, voice interactions will be used in other applications across many industries, enabling individuals to issue commands, change settings, and receive responses from smart devices.

  1. Voice Activated IoT Devices

Banks and FinTech businesses were some of the first to use voice and speech recognition technology.

Another fascinating advancement in voice recognition technology is voice biometry. Voice biometry enables businesses to create a digital profile of a person’s voice by examining a range of distinct traits like pitch, intensity, tone, dominant frequencies, dynamics, and so forth Companies are certain that this method will be more dependable than the ones currently in use.

  1. IoT Security

When it comes to the extensive level of connectivity that we are involved in today, security is one of the main concerns. Technology’s increased involvement in people’s lives has highlighted the continued threat to unprotected connected devices and things.

As a result, security is developing these services for an IoT solutions company, and many companies globally are creating IoT security solutions utilizing a variety of technologies.

  1. Edge Computing

By the end of 2021, edge computing is expected to increase significantly because of remote work and the COVID-19 pandemic. This innovation supports the emergence of novel business models in a cutthroat marketplace.

According to a report, that well-known retailers like Dell, IBM, and HPE are developing edge solutions with cloud-like features may encourage end-of-life marketers to maintain a sizeable proposal in the public cloud market. Edge computing enables businesses to support clients in new ways while regaining control and flexibility in a workforce that is expanding.

Intriguing IoT Statistics for 2021

  • In 2023, 3.5 billion cellular IoT connections are anticipated to exist.
  • In North America, 2022 anticipated smart factories to be valued at more than $500 billion.
  • In 2020, hospitals, clinics, and medical offices will reportedly use 646 million IoT devices, according to Forbes.
  • In 2020, 646 million IoT devices were used in medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, and offices.
  • By 2021, annual spending on IoT security solutions is expected to reach $631 million.
  • IoT device cyberattacks increased dramatically in 2018 and by over 300% in 2019.
  • Nine out of ten senior executives in tech-related industries say IoT has become essential to some or all of their business lines as of 2018.
  • With 820 patents under its belt, Samsung is the largest patent holder in the IoT sector.
  • Up to 152,200 IoT devices will connect to the internet every minute by 2025.


The value of the IoT technology market is anticipated to reach $1.39 trillion by 2026, according to Mordor Intelligence. Several things are probably to blame for this phenomenal growth, including:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of data analysis, smart home technology, and remote monitoring.
  • Businesses are vying with one another to create superior artificial intelligence products. These often require a network of advanced sensors and edge computers within the scope of IoT.
  • IoT networks can accomplish some tasks more efficiently than centralized solutions.

Wrapping Up

Production is made simpler when machines get smaller. Recently, the philosophy of technology has changed. The monolithic, single-device model has been replaced with a more modular, microservices-based strategy in many industries. A network of devices can handle all calculations and measurements in place of a single device. Each device could offer a unique utility that helps the network. This is the foundation of IoT technology and several IoT solution providers are using the same. 

The global use of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions means that soon, IoT trends will unquestionably be crucial. Noteworthy technologies will significantly contribute to the enhancement of global connections, including 5G, blockchain, AI, cloud computing, and others.

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