Our Symfony Development Professionals integrate the web application in PHP
using the individual components in Symfony Framework.

6 Years Of outstanding success, and counting…

The Symfony development framework is the most innovative technology used to develop rapid, complex and large scale web application systems. Symfony is a PHP framework, which helps you to build enterprise level applications. Considered an open source software, it’s based on the Model-View-controller (MVC) paradigm which accelerates the creation and maintenance of web applications and invariably replaces the repetitive coding tasks.

Miracle Group’s Symfony development professionals make use of more than 20 of collections available in the framework, in order to build solutions that help you achieve your business objectives. They use the interoperability feature of Symfony to harness the advantages offered by external softwares such as ORM Doctrine, Swiftmailer, Drupal, or phpBB.

Miracle Group’s use of Symfony dates back to when it was still at beta stage. As a leading offshore development center for PHP, our team has built a number of solid applications using the Symfony framework that have satisfied our diverse clientele. They are skilled in every version of Symfony, including Symfony 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 2.0.


Symfony Features

  • Comes with extensive documentation with logical source code.

  • Cross-platform interoperability of symphony based applications.

  • Eases the process of PHP application development.

  • Availability of image manipulation library

  • Helps develop highly productive applications.

  • Provides useful tools to increase productivity

  • Helps develop highly productive applications.

Business Benefits of Symfony Development

The Symfony framework allows developers to create testable code which can be reused in the future to increase efficiency.

Unlimited flexibility

Microframework: as a standalone, Symfony2 can also be implemented to incorporate a specific functionality into one of your projects. This works by redeveloping the specific component you need, not installing the entire framework.

Ease of use

Designed to meet the expectations of professionals and advanced users, Symfony2 is flexible and accessible. Plenty of documentation and community and professional support are embedded within the framework.

Stable and Sustainable

Major versions of Symfony have been supported by Sensio Labs for 3 years.

Faster and less greedy

In the IT world, it is very common that people only become concerned over the performance of an application once everything has been designed at both the functional and the technology levels.

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