We use free, open-source MVC framework, such as Strut framework for
creating elegant, modern Java Web Applications.

Propelled by Apache's Power

Apache Struts, commonly known as Struts, is an open source framework for creating Java applications. Its design enables programmers to create elegant, modern and functionally rich Java applications that help business’ achieve their objectives easily. It also comes with many plugins which make it easily customizable and adaptable with REST, AJAX, and JSON.

With the latest version released in December 2014, the Struts framework is updated and popular to work on. Additionally, Struts phases out old versions making sure that the framework is always up to date.

According to the official Struts website, it works with Java Servlets to handle requests made by the web browsers. Java ServerPages are designed to create dynamic web pages that can turn billboard sites in to live applications. Struts uses a special Servlet as a switchboard to route requests from web browsers to the appropriate ServerPage. This makes web applications much easier to design, create, and maintain


Yii Features

  • Our agile dedicated team also work on Struts and Struts middleware to create web compatible applications. Our design process ensures that the final product is in line with your requirements, making your investment count.

  • Miracle Group has an excellent team of programmers who work on Struts to build applications that are easy to use, pleasing to look at, and functionally rich.

  • We provide round the clock support and service for all the applications that we build on the Struts framework. Our high quality and cost effective services have a quick turnaround.

  • When we take up a project we care for it from the start to the finish and make sure each iteration counts. Each iteration of the testing, implementation, and coding is communicated to maintain transparency across the entire project.

Business Benefits of Struts Development

Struts Development helps teams with information sharing and document collaboration,
multiplying the productivity of the organization.

Broad Reach

Web compatibility translates to the number of hits your system and application receives. This boosts market presence and helps your prospective clients and customers to find your projects.

Continuous support

Our work is surrounded by an supportive and active community. Our support team provide clients with a broad variety of documentation for every kind of problem they might face. This helps our clients resolve a situation without needing to call up an expert each time.

Web Compatibility

Struts is enhanced with custom JSP tags that are easily integrated with HTML forms.

File-Based Configuration

Yii offers an extensive database designed for better logging and reporting.

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