Should we start with Lean first instead of Agile

By / January 22, 2016 /

Numerous individuals attempt to utilize Agile programming practices yet they never succeed to persuade each other for utilizing them . This makes the circumstances exceptionally unpredictable regardless of the fact that they have chosen that agile is the best way to go about. Let me tell you as to why this happens, they are never able to decide the best possible Agile technique to use. There are so many out there.

Have you thought about what exactly happens in this situation? Your team will end up doing nothing or they will simply end up doing minor changes to their current process and ignore it after that. If this happens then it is not a good idea. if you try to do minor changes in your current process , it is a pretty bad idea as well. We can say that retrospective are for changes but anything beyond it at the enterprise level is far beyond some minor changes.

If you find yourself lost in this change process , you should try to adopt lean rather than approach the issues and problems using complete Agile frame of mind. Have you ever thought of approaching this situation from the wastage perspective? The best thing here would be to eliminate the wastage, this would result in lowering the costs, faster deliveries and avoid complex situations.

You should try forcing your team to justify for every artifact and process step. This should be imposed on the source code as well. Ask yourself as to why can’t we use off the shelf software solution instead of custom building it ? Once you have recognized the most important artifacts , try to dig even deeper. What content can we eliminate from each artifact without compromising on its value. Until the content value is articulated, I see everything as a waste. The same applies for a particular step in the process. If there is low or no value, it is a waste and has to be eliminated for good.

In the end you will have a more learner and an excellent process. This will not be Agile but this is fine , first try to go adopt lean and if you do succeed, you should get ready for your new challenge which is to break the project into smaller chunks for faster deliveries.

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