Rich Internet Applications have transformed the way consumers experience the internet, allowing
more interaction, faster processing and decongested traffic.

Using Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex, Adobe Air and AJAX

The results from IDC’s eConsumer Survey found that 61% of respondents think it’s difficult to navigate and find products on the Internet. RIA will change all that.Rich Internet Application development, popularly known as RIA, is the buzzword now. People are looking to experience websites and their various offerings. RIA gives people the best way to do this and helps you reach out to customers.

Our Expertise

At Miracle Group, we have extensive experience in Java FX development along with Ajax & Open Lazlo development. Our product development expertise extends to Microsoft technologies as well as solutions using Silverlight,, ASP.NET and Ajax. Our team has also taken up new upcoming technologies such as Flash Catalyst, BlazeDS, and Adobe Live Cycle etc. In Short, we’re driven by the needs of ourclients; hence we always expand our technology capabilities around RIA. See our what else we do.


Rich Internet Application Features

Miracle Group has RIA Developers who are skilled in programmingapplication services and offer the best:

  • Rich Internet Application Development services

  • Rich Web Development

  • Rich Flash application development

  • Rich Flex application development

  • Adobe AIR applications and many other Adobe technology based solution .

Why RIA you might ask? A couple of facts:

Out of browser features helps developers integrate RIA applications that can be downloaded by the user on a
desktop. In particular, Silverlight 4 enables printing of the various UI application elements.

More Interactive

Rich Internet Applications enable developers to create multiple frames and display them on a single screen. Thus, browsers don’t need to refresh forms after every step, instead viewingsubsequent web pages in the same screen itself.

Faster Processing

RIA development architecture often uses a client’s CPU in order to execute the majority of requests on the client side only. Thus, RIA processes queries faster than traditional client/server architecture, in which every request is first sent to the server to be processed and then reverted back.

Decongests traffic on server

RIA architecture is known to distribute work between the client’s CPU and the web server. Workload on the main server gets reduced considerably and allowing it to handle more queries than before. This makesRIAs ideal for websites and portals that manage huge volumes of data on their server.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers love interactive brands. RIA lets you build solutions that entice and engage your consumers, converting them into customers more quickly and easily than before.

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Miracle Group Offers a One Week Trial, free of cost that allows you to hire a dedicated software developer or web developer without involving a contract or any fees. During this one week your chosen developer will deliver a small desired outcome. If the developer adheres to your requirements and works to your specifications, then the next step would be to sign a contract making him/her a part of your team. If not, you are free to choose another developer, to start the process

Trial Project – we offer any portion of the outsourced software, such as function point or module which requires developing for evaluating the capabilities of the developer you have chosen as well as our working methodologies, development expertise and other relevant aspects.

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