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Transform your rusty E-commerce website into a contemporary one to increase your online sales and business.

That’s the exact same problem our customer encountered – while working hard on expanding the business, its website constantly crashed, rather pushing customers away than attracting them. After turning to Miracle, we managed not only to provide a solution for his problem, but also putting a smile on his face. Find out the results below:

Customer: A reputed online wholesale jewelry retailer and manufacturer from India. He is well-known both in India and abroad, his business spreading more day by day.

Requirements: Customer required an e-commerce website, since they have encountered some problems with their old one. This time, he wanted a fast and smooth one which will increase the search rankings, views, and business efficiency.

Challenges: Miracle has created a completely new website which was more dynamic, easier to use, and pulled out amazing and attractive designs. In addition, we have also provided new features such as: features for auction and quick buying online, a simple and easy navigation from any gadget and device, a migration from previous platform to the new one, a well organized Content Management System, and a management of a jewelry collection.

Solutions: A stable e-commerce website needs enough knowledge and expertise for it to work successfully. After understanding the exact requirements of the client, our team took serious responsibility in working hard on creating the website. Our solution for a new dynamic e-commerce website was to implement a few designs that contain: a whole-picture view of the products, their prices and their availability on the stock; a shopping cart to be used from personal computers/laptops, tablets/phones, and any other devices; a better management of stock and delivery of products, and easier and faster payment methods; reliable and safe customer accounts; and an easy and smooth navigation of the website from any device.

Results: The results have been compelling, the client being satisfied and happy of the new look, design, and results too. He now has more time to focus on developing and maintaining his business on feet according to market’s requirements, and does not need to worry about site’s efficiency and performance anymore. Therefore, he had gain:

  • A new top ranked jewelry e-commerce website,
  • The online sales have increased significantly,
  • Trustful and efficient service,
  • A new business idea to be put in process.


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    Project details
    • January 22, 2016

    • E-commerce