Project Description

Concocting a B2B ecommerce web portal for a major player in the food processing industry, to give it an edge over its competitors.


The client is a major player in the food processing industry, providing services to manufacturing businesses. Being a quality provider, the client holds a reputation in the market with its existing clients. To keep abreast with the online world, the client decided to create a web portal specifically for business to business online ecommerce dealings and take their business online to reap further benefits.


The requirement was not just to create a niche web portal for B2B ecommerce, but also to provide manufacturers a platform to check and compare the latest prices of products by choosing the raw material dealers. The client wanted an unmatched user interface and the overall design, which is modern, fast, and user friendly. The ecommerce portal shall also be stout enough as the amount of traffic will be vast.


The client finalized Miracle Group for this task not only because we had prior experience for such a task but also because they wanted the development process to run on agile methodologies. The reason for this was to make the portal stand the evolving time test; it must be flexible and scalable enough to facilitate changes that might be needed in future.

Based on the requirements of the client, Miracle Group chooses to work on AngularJS as our primary front end design framework. The reason behind this selection was that AngularJS is not just responsive and capable of giving high quality design, but is a client side MVC (Multi View Controller) framework having incredible dependency injection, two way data binding, directives and templating, etc features. We created the front end of the portal with an attractive modern design, amazing animations and optimized the same for viewing on any device. One of the main things that we did for this project was to divide all the components into separate independent modules that were connected with reliable APIs. This gave us flexibility to adapt anytime for any changes. Thus, to make changes in any feature of the e-commerce portal, we just updated the relevant module and then reconnected it to the whole set. This gave us the elasticity to implement several features very efficiently including pricing calculations, product cart, etc.

We used MongoDB and Java to create a robust user activity flow, product information management and an astounding admin section for the client as backend server side technologies.


The client started reaping benefits of taking their business online as soon as the portal was launched and within a few months, the revenue almost doubled. The order processing became fast because of the robust admin section.


The client was more than pleased with the work done and the strong communication at every stage of the project. “Miracle Group was fast and responsive in the task allotted. We are happy with our decision of choosing them and making our portal an amazing one with their hard work. The best part was the agile methodologies that they use and recommend, which makes them stand out. We treat them as our partner, not vendor in implementing any enhancements that are needed anytime.” - Client


AngularJS, MongoDB and Java



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    • December 27, 2017